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Demandforce D3 manages the patient lifecycle to attract new patients, retain existing patients, reactivate lost patients and reduce noshows, while enabling the practice to build its online reputation. The system provides a suite of reporting tools that give business owners data on the health of their practices and their revenue-generating activities. The Demandforce system employs email and text messaging to allow practices to efficiently and effectively communicate with patients. Pre-created promotional materials and newsletters allow Demandforce users to send out educational material, custom promotions, or incentive-based offers. Communications can be customized to reinforce the look, feel, and brand of the practice. Demandforce enables practices to measure overall results by automatically tracking the success of each communication delivered to its patients. With D3’s dashboard feature, a practice’s revenue, patient satisfaction, new patients, and reactivation are monitored in real time. Businesses can monitor their patient satisfaction through internal surveys and private feedback and can track which methods work best to attract patients into the practice. - Julie Schmitt




Winning at SEO, but Losing at Reputation? It can be Fixed!

Demandforce will help you get those amazing 4 and 5 star reviews and in an independent way because this is an independent service, the reviews are highly valued by the search engines and allowed on Google searches.  Demandforce asks the questions you are too shy to as. They send a simple form to your patient/customer after they leave asking them to rate and evaluate the service. You already know answer from most of your patients, but many of you have no good way to get this information public. Besides, how much do you trust the marketing material...

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We just recently started using DemandForce last month and have so far had a very positive experience. It's easy to use, efficient, and makes my job at the front desk that much easier. Our patients have enjoyed the software so far and it still gives us the capabilities to interact with patients rather than going completely automated.
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D3 Software Platform review
We waited along time for our contract to end with another company to start with Demand Force. It has been well worth it!! I like the fact we can set the guidelines on what works best for our office. The patients are happy and it woks very simply and uncomplicated. Their customer service is very helpful and willing to work with you until you get it. Thank you Demand Force!
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We have had DemandForce since they started the company. It has been the best way for patients to let us know how we are doing and where we need to improve. The reviews have made a big difference in getting new patients from the internet. We also use it to send out special campaigns and new products available to our patients. The company has been great in answering any questions we might have!!
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D3 Software Platform
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