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These products are ideal for patient distribution to ensure proper oral care between visits.

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EZ-PIK and EZ-PIK PLUS products
This product works great for many issues we see as dental hygienists. Not everyone is a flosser- and some have issues with threaders. This flexible toothpick (that bends in all areas) comes with or without the fiber tip (the "PLUS"= the fiber tip that is absorbent). It also has an extension handle for those that desperately need the length due to dexterity (handicapped/elderly or their helpers). No metal means no scratching of precious implant surfaces as well as crown and bridges. I personally like the extra narrow spaces size (regular dentition with little spacing) with the fiber tip (to grab more plaque). But those with larger space needs would want to go up to narrow space size (purple) or wide spaces (green). It's great anywhere with it's EZ-shake container (fits in my purse or car nice)and very handy. And I really love that it's made in the USA! Not all companies can say that!
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