DenMat LUMIgrip Veneer Placement Handpiece

Product Description
Originally designed exclusively for Den-Mat’s LUMINEER by Cerinate porcelain veneers, the LUMIgrip is equally essential in providing stress-free seating of individually placed traditional veneers and small posteriorly placed restorations.The LUMIgrip is computer milled from a solid rod of high-grade aluminum, which has been bored out to maximize the vacuum passageway throughout the interior of the device. To reduce torsional strain from the handpiece tubing, a 360° ball bearing swivel has been incorporated into the base. When attached to a standard dental vacuum line, the lightweight LUMIgrip provides a powerful suction force directed to securely hold a veneer by means of a disposable, soft-silicone, removable baffled suction cup affixed on the instrument’s angled cannula tip.During placement of a veneer, the operator’s finger lies alongside and lightly in contact with a rotary valve on/off disk located on the top of the handpiece. To disengage the veneer, the operator retracts the finger slightly to close the valve and release the veneer.




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DenMat LUMIgrip Veneer Placement Handpiece
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