Densco Disposable Prophy Angles

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A tapered brush can be used for removing heavy stains from occlusal surfaces and interproximal spaces. Densco Dynamo green prophy angles and cups are latex-free with a reverse helix rib design.




Could flossing with your hair be a new thing?

Apparently, most of your patients have been annoyed enough by something stuck between their teeth to resort to using a variety of creative floss substitutes to dislodge it. According to a recent survey ,* 61% admitted to using fingernails, 40% folded paper or cards, 21% cutlery (i.e., fork, knife, or spoon), 14% safety pins, and 7% strands of hair (eeuuww).  While no official information is available about the efficacy of any of these tools, the users don't seem to be particularly proud of this behavior.  Nearly two-thirds of surveyed adults (63%) also admit they know better than to be using these objects...

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Dinamyte Densco
One of the best units we have used to date. Always reliable. A certain workhorse. Polishes our stains without overheating the tooth.
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Densco Disposable Prophy Angles
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