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Solution21 does not use generic, software-generated templates, so there are no design limitations, and sites can include advanced features like Flash effects. At $499 for a dental website, Solution21 offers the most competitive pricing in the industry for custom websites with no contracts or obligation. It is also the first dental company offering designs that are fully compatible with iPad, with iPhonecompatible websites also available. More than 900,000 visitors have come to Solution21’s clients’ websites during the last 4 years due to the innovative internet marketing programs and search engine optimization. Solution21 places a practice’s website on the first page of search engines in just 3 business days and also specializes in social network marketing for dentists. They create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger and then show you how to take advantage of this vast network of potential patients. —Bob Alaburda

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Dental Websites and Marketing from Solution21
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