DentaPure Water Purification System

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The DentaPure cartridge contains iodinated resin beads; these beads elute 2 to 4 ppm of iodine as water passes through the resin matrix. The isotopic iodine in DentaPure contains no proteins eliminating the risk of allergic reaction. DentaPure treats dental unit waterlines from the first day of installation for the life of the cartridge, reducing harmful bacteria exposure to patients and staff. Cartidges last for up to 1 year. DentaPure is very easy to use; the B series is designed to install into the units independent water supply bottle and the M series is designed for installation on the municipal (plumbed) unit waterline. EPA registered as “Anti-Microbial”, DentaPure is one of the most reliable dental unit water purifiers available. DentaPure contains no silver or other hazardous chemicals, therefore produces no hazardous waste and it is safe for patients, for staff, and for the environment.


DentaPure’s water purification system provides worry-free water purification for an entire year, without the need for routine protocols. While any dentist would like to be sure they are using clean, safe water in their high-speed drills and other instruments, many may not be aware that their water is unlikely to meet CDC and ADA standards if left untreated. Clinicians must take measures to ensure that the number of bacteria in their water used for non-surgical procedures is as low as reasonably possible. In an effort to provide den...

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DentaPure Dental Unit Waterline Treatment Cartridges

DentaPure® is rocket science for dental unit waterlines; its iodinated resin-bead technology was developed for space to ensure water consumed in space is free of bacteria, viruses and any other harmful organisms. EPA registered as antimicrobial, DentaPure meets and exceeds ADA/OSAP/CDC water quality standards (less than 500 CFU's). The simple-to-use and easy-to-install cartridge is a complete system that is easily installed on any dental unit (bottle or municipal) and last for 365 days. No tablets, no distilled water, no silver, no hassel. Just pure water for an entire year....

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DentaPure Water Purification System
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