Denticator Original Green Disposable Prophy Angles

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They are lubricated for a smooth performance for maximum user and patient comfort. Available in soft or regular, all Denticator products are latex-free.

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"Dashing Denticator "
This prophy angle is reliable, with very few defective angles
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Reliable! That's the Word!
I can't say enough about this product. Each one is reliable. Gets me through each prophy without breaking down. One per patient. Cost effective. You can't ask for more than that!
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Super prophy angles
I have used Denticator Original Green Disposable Prophy Angles for over ten years in my current practice & I can't remember a time when I had one that did not work perfectly out of the package. The cups apply the paste evenly and do an excellent job of removing plaque and stain. I wouldn't think of changing brands. I have tried other samples & they just don't compare in quality.
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Very adaptable!!!
I have worked in my practice since 2006 and we have never ordered anything but these Prophy Angles. My other practice we use a different style and I find those rubber cups to wear down very quickly and they produce much splatter!!
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Denticator Original Green Disposable Prophy Angles
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