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Product Description

The DentiMax Practice Management Software flows just like the dental office. From checking in a new patient, to viewing x-rays while treatment planning, or scheduling additional patient visits—DentiMax mirrors the practice’s actual workflow. 

With DentiMax Practice Management Software's latest innovations, dentists and staff can send medical bills, prescriptions, insurance attachments and more, electronically. The clinical note builder allows dentists the ability to create and record important clinical notes, while the imaging tool integrates existing digital sensors to generate digital x-rays. 






DentiMax optimizes efficiency, productivity, and patient care California dentist Michael Cooley wanted to go paperless with a HIPPA-compliant, integrated clinical and practice management system. Sophia Ungria was looking for reliable, easy-to-use software to help her employer start a new practice, and office manager Brittney Weinholtz needed to run 2 offices with a single system. Each of them ultimately implemented DentiMax, a complete digital sensor and practice management system that streamlines and optimizes efficiency, produc...

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Product Focus: Dream Sensors and Practice Management Software

As close to perfect as a system can get   Today’s ultra-competitive market requires top-of-the-line practice management software that is completely integrated with state-of-theart digital x-ray sensors. Making the clinical and financial areas of the office work in a cohesive way that takes care of both patients and the bottom line, DentiMax’s Dream Sensor and Practice Management Software provide the integrated benefits that only a complete system can offer—everything is streamlined, allowing dental offices to focus on patient needs. The Practice Management Software, which scored a perfect 5.0 rating among DPS evaluators, is designed for...

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DentiMax Practice Management Software
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