DEXIS Digital X-ray System

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Product Description
The DEXIS Digital X-ray System features a single-size sensor solution along with imaging software for the management of radiographic and photographic images.


The DEXIS Digital X-ray System features a single-size sensor solution along with imaging software for the management of radiographic and photographic images. The DEXIS Digital X-ray System includes a highend CCD sensor, portable PC card and DEXusb connection options, DEXIS imaging software, a complete set of sensor holders and accessories, on-site training, a printed instruction manual, training tutorials on CD, a quick reference guide for the operatory, and 1 year of DEXcare support. Software Ease of Use According to the manufac...

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Case Study

Case Study

Conservative CAD/CAM Onlays

A healthy 29-year-old female presented for treatment on her lower left quadrant. Her treatment plan included replacing the leaky and broken-down amalgam fillings over the posterior sections of her mouth. The patient previously treated her upper 2 quadrants. In this particular case, I treated the lower left quadrant. I...

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Implant Bridge Restoration

A 39-year-old female presented to the office with a chief complaint of "my lower left bridge is loose." The patient had a medical history significant for anxiety and she was taking Effexor (Pfizer) with no known food or drug allergies. Her dental history included the placement of a large span...

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Make Your Patients Comfortable Through Design

Not only does DEXIS Platinum deliver regarding its high-quality images, but it’s also a sensor you can...

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Imaging Software that Creates an Efficiency in Your Practice

DEXIS Eleven Image Software is a successful aid throughout the diagnosis, planning, and treatment process. This imaging software...

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Take X-Rays Like a Pro — Rely on the Technology

Do you ever wonder how photographers can consistently produce amazing, high-res pictures? While a great deal of...

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Poor customer service
We have had Dexis for about one year. The images are fine. However, customer service is POOR. The standard is that no one is available at the 800 number and you are directed to a voicemail after 15-20 minutes on hold. We have even had days where no one is available because the entire staff was training and could not call us back. I found this out after calling the corporate headquarters and asking to speak to any live person of the parent corporation. I would recommend you consider other products if you anticipate EVER needing to contact customer service. We have had multiple errors and software problems. The company has sent us multiple replacement sensors because their have been errors in the images that they have not been able to solve. Our best response was when we went to Yankee Dental Congress and started outlining all of our problems on the convention floor. This produced a very quick response.
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DEXIS Digital X-ray System
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