DIATECH Diamond Burs

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Diatech diamonds are multiple layered in an exclusive manufacturing process using the most advanced technology. Multiple layered diamonds are provided with more diamond on different levels and in various layers. Each Diatech bur incorporates a high-volume of Swiss diamonds on multiple-layers. New diamond grits with sharp edges will, therefore, take the place of broken off grains or grains separated from the plating with each use. The superior cutting and grinding effectiveness of Diatech burs requires less pressure, which means less discomfort for patients while the gold diamond burs cut faster and last longer than other brands.

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A good value
As a general dentist with over 30 years of experience, many of the new products that we evaluate either don't make the grade in my hands or come with such an expensive pricetag that I wince each every I use it. Diatech diamonds has remained one of the staple supplies we continue to use. Our office will get multiple uses before discarding. It has been and continues to be one of our "hidden gems" that every practice has. I highly value and recommend this company. Scott Van Zandt DDS FAGD
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DIATECH Diamond Burs
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