DIGORA Optime - Imaging Plates, Size 0, 10/Pkg

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Digora Optime Intraoral Digital Imaging Plate System from Soredex is a hygienic, visually-guided imaging plate system that provides optimal image quality with its Auto-Optimization feature and displays the image in seconds. It is easy to set up with a familiar film-like digital workflow and does not require button-pressing during operation. Instead, the system utilizes smart automated functions that provide more economical network sharing. It also offers wireless and durable imaging plates with patented IDOT identification system. The thin, reusable, wear-resistant imaging plates can be placed both horizontally and vertically for precise intraoral projection and are available in sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3.

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DIGORA Optime - Imaging Plates, Size 0, 10/Pkg
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