Directa AdaptaPal® - Prevent arm ache and makes aspiration easier

Product Description

AdaptaPal is a flexible, ergonomic adapter for suction tips and saliva ejector. It is the simple answer to pain free suction. It helps minimize strain on neck, arm, wrist, shoulder, and elbow. Bending with ease, AdaptaPal lets the operator get access from all angles, allowing better control. AdaptaPal can be removed with ease for cleaning. It is also able to be either disinfected in washer disinfectors or autoclaved up to 120°C for improved hygiene. Renew adaptor between patients. Available in 3 sizes - Green 4/6,5 mm, Blue 6.3/11 mm, Yellow 11/11 mm.




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Directa AdaptaPal® - Prevent arm ache and makes aspiration easier
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