Directa CoForm - For temporary and permanent Class IV composite restorations

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Product Description

Coform Matrix System from Directa Dental are a unique set of pre-formed transparent matrices made up of celluloid plastic. Coform is intended specifically for dealing with composite Class IV restoration as well as various tooth fractures.

Here a few methods and advantages of celluloid plastic matrices. The filling of a cavity is in layers like usual. The only difference is the application of the last layer, the matrix is pressed onto the uncured composite giving the appearance of healthy tooth instead of shaping and curing the last layer. The composite is cured after being pressed through a clear matrix.


Directa CoForm is an innovative aid for forming composite restorations around difficult incisal edges and fractures.   The Directa CoForm system—distributed by JS Dental Mfg, Inc—is a set of preformed, transparent matrices that are designed for composite restorations around incisal edges and fractures. The matrices easily conform to the patient’s dentition to provide a natural restoration. Coform’s ready-cut mesial and distal corners do not adhere to composite, making them easy to remove without drag. CoForm pr...

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Directa CoForm - For temporary and permanent Class IV composite restorations
Directa Dental
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