Disinfecting Fogger

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Disinfect your office the natural way with Midlantic’s Disinfecting Fogger. The ultra-low disinfecting fogger sanitizes a space using Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), offering far superior disinfecting properties than bleach. The natural solution protects against viruses, germs, and bacteria.

•Independent air and chemical valves allow control of the speed, distance, and amount of spray
•A high-speed rotary atomizer creates ultra-fine chemical particles
•Moving atomizer relieves fatigue of wrists




The Benefits of Being HOClean

Whether you're looking for an added layer of infection prevention or trying to cut down on the use of harsh chemicals in the office, naturally disinfecting with HOCl fogging provides multiple benefits for both practice and patients....

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An Ultrafine Approach to Combat Aerosols

Dentists, by their very nature, are problem solvers. After all, fixing broken teeth, relieving sensitivity, and restoring proper occlusion are all part of the job description. So, even in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, keeping the dental team and patients safe may be a problem, but it’s an...

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Combat Lingering Aerosols

While there are plenty of chemicals being wiped and sprayed on operatory surfaces and equipment in line with these new safety measures, the hypochlorous acid (HOCl) fogger from Midlantic Dental & Medical offers a more effective and completely natural disinfecting solution that cleans not only surfaces, but ambient air....

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Disinfecting Fogger
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