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Drake offers the dentist and patient a valuable protection for their investment. Comfort Zone Bite Splints are fabricated entirely from a slightly flexible, thermosensitive material, which allows custom adaptation for optimum patient comfort. Comfort Zone Plus Bite Splints are dual processed with dense Lucitone Clear processed methyl-methacrylate resin as the occlusal surface and the flexible thermosensitive resin as the liner. This provides excellent occlusal wear resistance combined with patient comfort. • Remains translucent after prolonged wear • Virtually Clinically Unbreakable • Unrivaled Accurate Fit • High Strength • Custom Adaptation • Reduced Chair Time • Improved Patient Compliance • Practice Builder • Product for Nearly all Patients • Excellent protection for extensive Esthetic Anterior Restorations.




Drake Precision Dental Lab

Zirlux zirconia provides patients with an exceptionally strong, esthetic, all-ceramic alternative to metal restorations that mimics the characteristics and translucency of natural teeth. Offered exclusively by Henry Schein Prosthetic Network laboratories, Zirlux zirconia can be prescribed for multiple restorative options, including copings, crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Here, Dr. Drew Clement discusses his experiences with Zirlux zirconia and Drake Precision Dental Lab.   Download the full PDF here....

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Drake Dental Laboratories - Comfort Zone Bite Splints
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