DryCurve 1000

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The New DryCurve 1000 Instrument Dryer

DryCurve 1000 reduces corrosion and increases efficiency with a 20-minute instrument drying time.

UpperCurve recently launched the DryCurve 1000, an automated dental instrument dryer. This unit has been designed to rapidly dry water remaining on instruments after the cleaning process, prior to sterilization. By quickly and efficiently drying water, the DryCurve 1000 helps to minimize the problem of instrument corrosion and discoloration during the sterilization process.

Another benefit offered by DryCurve 1000 is that it eliminates the need for manual or air drying of unwrapped or cassette-stored instruments. This provides both a safer and more efficient work environment within the dental office.

Using the DryCurve 1000 can save the office a significant amount of time. It features a drying time of only 20 minutes, while air drying instruments can take a few hours. Clinicians will also be afforded the convenience of having their instruments available much sooner than when using traditional drying methods. 'Bob Alaburda

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DryCurve 1000
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