Dryz Value Pack

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Parkell introduces the Dryz Value Pack, a complete collection of 25 syringes and 55 applicator tips for fast hemostasis. Dryz Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste is easy to use and effectively stops gingival bleeding and seepage from crevicular fluid that may interfere with impression taking or contaminate restorative material. Dryz can be used alone or in conjunction with retraction cord or compression caps, and its light green color contrasts well with gingiva and tooth structure for easy detection. Also, after rinsing with an air/water syringe, Dryz leaves no residue to interfere with impressions or seating of restorations.

•(25) 0.5ml (0.85g) syringes
•(55) applicator tips




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Dryz Value Pack
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