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Dust suction is achieved through a double connection, ensuring maximum suction performance and operator safety. The LED lighting feature has an interchangeable protective film that protects the light source from accidental abrasion during blasting and ensures longevity of the bulbs. The EcoTech is available in either a 2- or 3-tank design, and each unit carries a 2-year warranty.

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No one should ever buy this unit!!
Service, basically non existent. They replaced ours for a multitude of issues twice because they could not seem to get us parts that were malfunctioning.. I need parts again and a known wear item in the trouble shooting guide is unavailable! Also they"never have problems with these units", but after two years in service they are not selling in the us anymore. Should have bought a renfert, I purchased this unit because of instant stop as well as recycle. The recycle is a joke and the unit is a poor design that is very attractive on the outside.
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Dune EcoTech
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