DuraShield® CV 5% Sodium Fluroide Clear Varnish

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Sultan Healthcare recently introduced DuraShield CV—a 5% sodium fluoride clear varnish that is virtually invisible both in the tray and on the tooth surface. It leaves no discoloration on the teeth like other varnishes, and according to Sultan, recent studies comparing color and transparency of 5 varnishes demonstrated DuraShield CV to be substantially clearer. In addition, DuraShield CV provides excellent fluoride release in just 2 hours—while most others must be worn for 4 to 6 hours—making it convenient for both clinicians and patients. This transparent 5% sodium fluoride varnish is easy to handle, with a thin, non-drip formula that sets smoothly and quickly on the tooth surface and is easy to apply. Most hygienists can give their patients a varnish treatment in a matter of seconds. DuraShield CV’s unit dose packaging has been specifically designed for comfort and flexibility, and users can even customize the way they use it. DuraShield CV 5% sodium fluoride varnish is available in watermelon and strawberry flavors.




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I like DuraShield because you can place it in a wet environment and it flows down to the tooth. It is clear in color so the patients are happy that their teeth don't look discolored right after their cleaning. The patients say it has a pleasant taste.
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DuraShield® CV 5% Sodium Fluroide Clear Varnish
Sultan Healthcare
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