DX-Mixer HP Mixing Tips (48/pkg)

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Product Description

• DX-Mixer dental mixing tips are designed to produce a consistent yet successful mixing outcome.
• Easy to attach and remove the tip from the cartridge by tilting the tip 45°
• Connection Type: 50ml dual barrel HP cartridges (Defend, Sultan, 3M, Kerr, Ultradent, Enthus, etc.)
• High-Quality HP Mixing Tips
• Made in South Korea


A unique mixing tip with colored wings to ensure a secure connection Dr. Michael Teitelbaum was content with the mixing tips he’d been using for years in his practice—until he was asked to evaluate Dentazon/DXM’s DX-Mixer HP Mixing Tips for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation. After using the new tips, he realized that his previous dental mixing tips were not nearly as effective and efficient. “I have not seen anything like these,” Dr. Teitelbaum shared. “The fins on [the Dentazon/DXM] tips are impressive,” he said, adding that ...

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DX-Mixer HP Mixing Tips (48/pkg)
Dentazon Corp.
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