eBite plus Intraoral Suction and Lighting System

Product Description
The eBite Plus device combines an autoclavable bite block and tongue retractor, suction, and LED lighting technology to illuminate and isolate the field to provide optimal working conditions for a wide variety of dental procedures. The eBite plus has 3 different light intensity levels and is compatible with both HVE and SE connections.




Seeing Clearly to Cliosoft

Cliosoft is the first imaging software engineered with one-tap buttons and an intuitive, sleek design for touch screen PC use, but can also be used on any regular desktop or laptop. Since most other software on the market is designed from the software engineer's perspective—instead of the user's perspective—many have a clunky design with drop down menus and an aged layout. With nearly 30 years of R&D work in the dental industry, SOTA Imaging designs and engineers Cliosoft Software with the modern dentist in mind. The layout is similar to a smartphone for extremely easy navigation. This minimizes...

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eBite plus Intraoral Suction and Lighting System
Sota Imaging
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