EDGE Carbide Burs

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EDGE Carbide Burs from Clinician’s Choice are long-lasting and ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and smoothness of operation. EDGE Carbide Burs are precision-ground with tightly controlled diamond wheels in small batches used to maintain the tightest manufacturing tolerances and the highest quality. EDGE uses tungsten carbide in the cutting portion and the neck, resulting in rigidity, concentricity, and cutting control.




Accurate Impressions for Every Clinical Situation

A good impression makes all the difference in restorative dentistry. Obtaining an accurate impression provides an exact record of the prepared tooth along with the area adjacent to its margins. This allows laboratory technicians to form a cast that is an exact replication of the prepared tooth and a restoration that precisely fits anatomical form and function. Common impression errors include voids, tears, air bubbles and flow problems, any of which could ultimately spell restorative failure. However, in the hands of a skilled clinician, the right impression material can keep all of these issues at bay. AFFINITY™ Hydroactive Impression...

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EDGE Carbide Burs
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