Edge Diamond Burs

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Diamond particles are uniform in size and distribution, ensuring a smooth, efficient cut that results in a longerlasting diamond and less wear and tear on the handpiece. EDGE Diamonds Burs generate less heat and do not easily clog with debris.




Better Bonds with a Maximum Performance Adhesive

Out of the available etching and bonding techniques, clinicians often choose total-etch systems. Clear advantages of this technique include predictably high bond strengths to enamel and dentin and a lack of interference with polymerization of dual-cure resin products. However, this approach isn’t without its challenges. When total-etching, improper technique (such...

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Accurate Impressions for Every Clinical Situation

A good impression makes all the difference in restorative dentistry. Obtaining an accurate impression provides an exact record of the prepared tooth along with the area adjacent to its margins. This allows laboratory technicians to form a cast that is an exact replication of the prepared tooth and a restoration...

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Edge Diamond Burs
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