Elara11: Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave

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Tuttnauer has introduced the Elara11 pre- and post-vacuum autoclave. The Elara11, with its 11 in chamber, automatic double locking device, digital readout, and touch pad, brings a new dimension to fulfilling the pre- and post-vacuum sterilization requirements.

Additionally, steam is continuously provided by an independent steam generator, virtually eliminating wait time between cycles. The Elara11 is a table-top European Class B sterilizer designed for sterilizing medical and dental surgical goods, and goods defined as hollow A, (dental hand pieces and suction pipes). The Elara11 is available with 5 stainless steel trays and there are no requirements to reverse or replace the rack to switch between trays or cassettes.

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Elara11: Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave
Tuttnauer Usa Co. Ltd.
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