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The ELITE all-in-one motor system from Aseptico is ideal for a number of dental specialties, including implant, endodontics, restoration, and oral surgery, resulting in a superior return on investment.

ELITE features a 40,000 rpm, autoclavable micromotor with LED illumination at any speed. An advanced dynamometer calibration system automatically detects the properties of individual implant or endo reduction handpieces for highly accurate speed, torque, and efficiency results at the time of treatment. This means that almost every brand of new or existing reduction handpieces from 16:1 to 32:1 (implant) and 4:1 to 16:1 (endo) can be used. Twelve programmable preset buttons (6 implant and 6 endo) are available for saving preferred ratio, speed, torque, irrigation, motor direction settings, and display names.

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