Endo-Express and SafeSiders

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SafeSiders are the only instruments with a patented noninterrupted flat side along the working length. This reduces instrument engagement, allowing faster advancement with less resistance, and creating space for dentinal debris that would otherwise clog thread lines of conventional reamers and files. The EndoExpress and SafeSiders System are economical, reducing chairtime, and improving productivity.


Case Study

Case Study

Deep Facial Caries Treatment

A 37-year-old healthy female presented for new patient examination and evaluation. She had not had dental care in more than 6 years and was concerned with the appearance of her front tooth. Visual examination, digital radiographs and fiber optic transillumination (FOTI) with SDI diagnostic attachment indicated that the decay was rather severe and would require immediate attention. Discussion involved explaining the potential depth of decay and what treatment modalities would have to be used. I explained that we would probably need to remove tissue to fully access the extent of the decay and that there was...

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Endo-Express and SafeSiders
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