ET Series Carbides

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Brasseler USA ET Series Carbides have straight blades to improve tactile feel as well as cutting and finishing efficiency. Followed in sequence, the multiple bladed instruments allow for quick and efficient contouring, finishing, and pre-polishing.

The safe tip prevents overcontouring and damage to the subgingival margin and tissue. The straight blades produce a superior finish due to ideal blade contact points.




Women Dentists Represent

Women comprise about half of all current dental students, according to stats from the American Dental Education Association. In fact, several U.S. dental schools boast female student populations at more than 50%. Conventional wisdom says that this trend is sure to continue. So Brasseler USA ’s first official Women in Dentistry advisory board meeting a few weeks ago represents a proactive effort to reach out to this growing number of women in dentistry. At the 3-day event, the 9-member board was involved in deep-dive conversations on a number of topics, including Practice...

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ET Series Carbides
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