ETIII NH Implant

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Superior Hydrophilicity for Enhanced Osseointegration. The Hiossen ETIII NH Implant features a super-hydrophilic Sandblasted and Acid-etched (SA) surface combined with a unique bio-absorbable apatite Nano Coating that helps ensure optimal treatment outcomes with every implant you place.
•Enhanced blood affinity and platelet adhesion
•Excellent cell response and initial stability
•39% improvement in bone-to-implant contact
•Higher success rate in poor quality bone
•Improved osseointegration decreases treatment period by over 30%




A Narrow Diameter for a Smoother Delivery

For implant patients who have inadequate space or anatomical conditions that prevent standard delivery, narrow diameter implants...

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Tapping into the Science of Tapered Implants

I n cases of tooth extraction followed by immediate placement, a tapered dental implant is often a...

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Happy Dental Implant Month!!

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) announces that August is Dental Implant Month, a month-long...

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IMPLANTS: Beyond the Tipping Point

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New Product: ETIII NH Surface

Implant surface enhanced with properties to speed osseointegration There’s always room for improvement—even when it comes to superior implant technology. With the introduction of the ETIII NH Surface implant , Hiossen aims to further shorten bone healing time and improve secondary attachment force....

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ETIII NH Implant
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