When thinking of the products that make a difference in a dental practice, a general use medical-grade cotton sponge may not be the first item that comes to mind. Yet, cotton sponges are essential for all kinds of procedures in every operatory. And like most products, there are pros and cons to consider when selecting cotton sponges and gauze. Some leave small fibers behind. Others are made of rough, nonabsorbent material that’s uncomfortable for patients. And some simply don’t meet a dentist’s hemostasis needs during surgery.

Richmond Dental & Medical was determined to solve all these problems by combining the most desirable characteristics of sponges into their cotton non-woven sponges. In turn, DPS evaluators were eager to find out if the product would accomplish these goals. The group of dental professionals—a mix of dentists, hygienists, and assistants—would collectively agree that not all cotton sponges are created equal.

Variety of Sizes and Versatility
Made in the USA, Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges are available in 3 sizes—2x2, 3x3, & 4x4 inches—to meet the needs of most clinicians, while the largest size works well for cleaning surfaces and instruments. “I need soft, absorbable cotton squares for a variety of clinical purposes,” said Elizabeth Dooher-Anthony, RDH, adding that these performed very well and she really liked the different sizes. “The 4x4s make excellent face wash cloths for nursing home patients in the clinic,” she shared. Dr. Eric Bellis agreed that the variety of sizes was great and noted, “The larger sizes were especially useful for hemostasis covering larger areas in the mouth.” He was pleased to be able to use the medical-grade sponges for a variety of procedures and said, “The sponges are durable, and the variety of sizes is convenient for all types of dental surgery, including implant surgery, where it is important to use quality materials.” Dr. Bellis added, “I appreciated the improvement in quality and durability over my previous gauze sponges.”

Durability and Patient Comfort
Made with 100% purified, medical-grade cotton, Richmond Dental & Medical’s sponges are nonwoven and lint-free so that no fibers will be left behind in a patient’s mouth or on instruments. In addition, their soft yet textured surface does not stick to tissue or gingiva. “It was very useful in drying children’s teeth before varnish fluoride application and didn’t leave fibers behind,” hygienist Jessica Dusseault expressed. “100% cotton is good,” said Dr. Andrew Shuler, who lauded the lack of lint and zero fraying. He suggested a little thicker material for extractions.

Calling the sponges very durable and easy to use, Dr. Lucynda Raben shared, “They don’t stick or shred. I prefer to not use a potentially shredding product with a procedure involving an incision. This product worked very well.” Dr. Kathy Ausman said the sponges left little to no fibers behind after wiping instruments, and Wendy Nato, EFDA, called them soft and gentle to touch, explaining, “It’s very gentle on the patient’s tissue and doesn’t stick to the gingiva.”
Moisture Absorbance
The 4-ply high absorbency cotton medical-grade sponge is made of all-natural materials and is biodegradable. “Its absorbency is ideal,” Nato shared, explaining, “It absorbs fluids quickly and doesn’t weigh down when saturated with fluid.” This made for easier procedures and required less product, she added. “It is very soft, thick, and absorbent,” noted Dr. Alice Alatorre, and Dusseault agreed that the sponges are “very absorbent without leaving behind cotton fibers.” Highlighting the importance of using high-quality sponges for hemostasis during surgery, Dr. Bellis concluded, “The nonwoven 100% cotton sponges are clearly a higher-quality sponge than most that I have worked with in terms of the absorbance and durability!”

Eric Bellis, DDS
Detroit, MI
Overall Satisfaction
Every evaluator said they would recommend this product to colleagues, which speaks to the quality of Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges. Dr. Alatorre summed up her favorite features by saying, “I liked the size of the gauze sponge, the absorbency, and ease of handling,” and Dr. Raben considered the product to be “well-packaged” and “easy to use from start to cleanup.” She particularly liked how the sponges did not shred or stick, asserting, “The predictably nonshredding or sticking aspect makes this a two thumbs-up product.” Noting that the sponges are very durable and able to adequately handle everyday surgeries, Dr. Bellis concluded, “Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges are a highquality and reliable gauze sponge for daily use in dentistry.”
Non-woven, lintfree and durable so no fibers are left behind
Available in 3 sizes—2x2, 3x3, & 4x4 inches
The soft 4-ply 100% cotton material is highly absorbent and biodegradable
Surface does not stick to tissue or gingiva
Medical-grade cotton suitable for medical procedures and cleaning surfaces and instruments

Evaluation Snapshot

100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges
Richmond Dental & Medical
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