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Inspiring, unparalleled, amazing, eye opening, informative. Those are some of the words first-time attendees used to describe their experiences at the 34th Annual Scientific Session of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) in April 2018. The AACD is a professional dental organization dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry.s, and reliable adhesive properties to teeth and all restorative materials.

Dr. Patrik Bargiel came all the way from Sweden to attend the 2018 annual meeting in Chicago so that he could continue his progress toward his goal of achieving AACD’s Accredited Member status. “Seeing so much excellent dentistry by fantastic dentists made me even more determined to achieve my goal of AACD accreditation,” he shared. “I have taken a couple of steps forward and attending the meeting and participating in courses inspired me even more.”

In this evaluation, DPS shares comments from several cosmetic-minded dentists who attended their first AACD Annual Scientific Session.

Content of Session and Knowledge of Instructors
Calling it a very informative and pleasant experience, a California dentist said the AACD meeting was “a great way to expand your knowledge and learn different techniques in cosmetic dentistry.” Praising the session for its hands-on workshops, Dr. Rijesh Krishnan traveled from India for the event. Though he had not taken advantage of the early bird registration and found some courses full, he concluded that the session overall was a “real eye opener” and that it helped him on his way to the Accreditation process.

Lamiaa El Ghandour, DMD, came away impressed with the community that gathered for the event, calling it “a group of people seeking excellence and ready to share their knowledge.” When asked if there was anything that could be improved upon at the event, she suggested adding more room in some of the workshops, and another dentist proposed that more courses be offered for hygienists and staff. Dr. Bargiel said he saw some amazing dentistry performed and that it was explained in a great way.

Ability to Apply Knowledge
Dr. El Ghandour described the AACD program as “the only scientific session that you still learn a lot in and are able to apply what you learned.” She praised the hands-on workshops and said she was able to use the products and techniques when she returned to her practice. Because of the AACD meeting, Dr. Sarah Carlson said she now has more direction for her practice. “I signed up for a direct composite course sponsored by Cosmedent, and I have used those techniques in practice,“ she shared.

“[I learned] how to manipulate soft tissue after an extraction and how to polish composite to a high gloss,” shared Dr. Bargiel, who said he learned different techniques that he could incorporate directly into his practice to deliver better dentistry to his patients. Dr. Marek Vlna, who traveled from Slovakia to attend the seminar, said the knowledge he gained “took me to a new level of cosmetic dentistry.”
Professional Relationships
One of the goals of the AACD session is to unite dental professionals who share a common interest in excelling in cosmetic dentistry. “It was a good chance to meet colleagues who also share the passion for cosmetic dentistry,” noted Dr. Bargiel. Dr. Rijesh called it a “great knowledge-sharing platform,” and Dr. Carlson said she enjoyed meeting many of the long-established and well-published doctors that she had previously known only by reputation.

The AACD sponsors a meet-and-greet session specifically for first-time attendees, which Dr. El Ghandour said helped her to feel like she belonged. “It’s great to have the support network and mentors,” she added. Dr. Bargiel said the new attendee gathering “was a nice and casual way to meet the people behind AACD and potential mentors.” He added, “When you’re an AACD member, you get access to a lot of information, like the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and online courses. However, the most valuable thing available through the AACD is the mentors.”

—Sarah Carlson, DDS, Stillwater, MN
Overall Satisfaction
Because of the knowledge and experience gained from attending the AACD Annual Scientific Session, Dr. Bargiel says he has moved closer to achieving his goal of AACD Accreditation and is enthusiastic to learn even more. “When my friends ask me how it was, I tell them it’s just like you’re at a hockey camp and you can choose if you want to train with Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby. Whatever you choose, it will be a lifetime experience that changes how you think and perform.”

When asked if they would attend another AACD Annual Scientific Session in the future, all of the evaluators said yes, and one commented, “I registered for San Diego [AACD 2019] before Chicago [AACD 2018] was wrapped up.” Perhaps Dr. Rijesh had the best summary of the AACD session when he declared, “Overall, it was a tremendous atmosphere which will change the way you practice cosmetic dentistry!”
Comprehensive education for those pursuing excellence in cosmetic dentistry
Lectures and hands-on workshops teach clinical techniques that can be used in practice
Great place to meet mentors and share knowledge with other cosmetic dentists
Knowledge and experience propels dentists toward their goals of AACD accreditation
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.5
    Overall content of session

  • 4.9
    Clinical content of session

  • 4.9
    Knowledge of instructors

  • 4.3
    Ability to apply what you learned

  • 3.9
    Opportunities to establish/ expand personal and professional relationships

  • 4.3
    Access to relevant dental manufacturers in the exhibit hall

Section A AVERAGE : 4.5
Section B
  • 4.6
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.6

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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