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Access Edge from Centrix is a clay-based gingival retraction paste that gently displaces and retracts tissue while controling bleeding and fluid seepage, without the need for cord packing.

The tissue-friendly material, which is packaged in a convenient unit-dose syringe tip, is injected subgingivally or packed around the tooth. It sets in minutes, creating gentle but effective retraction to open up the sulcus as the paste dries.

Ease of Use

With the unit-dose tip placed onto any Centrix C-R syringe, Access Edge is slowly injected into and around the gingival sulcus then left in place for at least 2 minutes. The tissue retracts as the material dries, exposing all margins of the restoration area. Access Edge is removed with rinsing, and air-drying reveals a clean, ?open? sulcus.

When the 11 dentists who evaluated Access Edge were asked about the delivery system, 4 rated it as excellent, 4 rated it as very good to good, and 3 rated it as fair. Ease of expressing the material out of the capsule with the C-R syringe was rated as excellent by 2 evaluators, as very good by 4, as good by 3, and as fair by 1.

Three dentists called the tip too large/wide to easily get into the sulcus. One of these evaluators, whose favorite feature was ease of application, said ?I don?t think using a Centrix syringe was a particularly good thing. I find the smaller dispenser easier to use.?

?It?s basically the same as [our current material]. Only the delivery system is different, which is a benefit,? said a dentist who rated the product as fair. Another evaluator especially liked ?the easy way it can be dispensed no matter what area of the mouth I?m working in, and without creating paste to go all over. The tip makes it best at precision.?

Commenting on the material itself, 1 evaluator called it ?somewhat difficult to express,? another said it was ?too thick and not sticky enough?it kept pulling away and didn?t stick to the prep,? and a third would have preferred ?better flow.?


Ten evaluators rated the amount of retraction achieved with Access Edge; 1 as excellent, 6 as very good to good, 1 as fair, and 2 as poor. When asked if there was enough material for retraction, 4 dentists rated it as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as good to fair.

An Illinois-based dentist who rated the product as good said she used compression caps for more retraction. Another dentist called the amount of retraction ?adequate but not really better than cord.?

?It seems I had to keep it in longer to achieve retraction,? said a dentist who plans to definitely recommend and purchase Access Edge. A Virginia-based dentist in practice for 42 years called retraction his favorite feature, adding, ?I will continue to use it.?

Astringent Action and Bleeding/Oozing Control

The astringent/hemostatic action of the 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay in Access Edge controls bleeding and prevents seepage, ensuring that the sulcus remains dry while capturing the impression. The level of astringent action/ hemostasis/control of bleeding and oozing was rated as excellent by 2 evaluators, as very good by 6, as good by 2, and as fair by 1.

Four evaluators identified hemostasis or astringent action as the feature they liked most, with comments such as, ?It worked well,? and, ?It?s a good product.?

Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent by 1 evaluator, as very good by 3, as good by 4, as fair by 2, and as poor by 1.?I believe Access Edge is a must in every office,? said a New York-based dentist who reported he would definitely recommend and buy it. ?It will make life so easy for the dentist and patient.?

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