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With its unique Nano-ORMOCER technology, Admira Fusion is the world’s first all ceramic-based direct universal restorative material


When Dr. Charles Rubin opted to try VOCO’s Admira Fusion Nano-ORMOCER Direct Restorative material for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, he was seeking a restorative material with excellent handling properties, esthetics, and polishability. After using the product in his practice, Dr. Rubin said he was astounded with its “outstanding handling and esthetics,” and reported that it saved procedure time. “I will be changing my primary restorative material for the first time in many years,” he shared.

Another dentist, Dr. Craig Smith, was looking for a restorative that does not cause shrinkage stress during curing, leading to tooth sensitivity. His ideal material must also maintain strength while achieving great esthetics. Admira Fusion handled as advertised, Dr. Smith noted. “I had virtually no complaints of post-operative sensitivity, and the esthetics were outstanding.”

Indicated for Class I to V restorations and for many other procedures, VOCO’s Admira Fusion is a one-of-a-kind universal restorative. The fillers and matrix are based purely on silicon oxide (Pure Silicate Technology), and the material uses no classic monomers for higher biocompatibility. Its Nano-ORMOCER technology reduces shrinkage by up to 50% compared to composites, and it has outstanding shade stability.



Ease of Use and Handling

According to VOCO, Admira Fusion’s non-sticky consistency and excellent physical properties make it easy to handle, which—when combined with a short curing stage—saves valuable procedure time. Dr. Sean Grady reported that Admira Fusion is easy to handle and has great condensability. “It’s hard enough where you can pack it well without making ‘potholes’ and saves time because the cure is only 20 seconds,” Dr. Grady added. “I have an average of 70 to 100 patients through my office in a day, and a cure time of 20 seconds makes a big difference!”

“Admira Fusion’s ease of handling, excellent viscosity and working time made placement much easier than any material I have used, and significantly reduced time spent with rotary finishing,” shared Dr. Rubin. “The viscosity [is] ideal for placement in Class II restorations,” he continued. While he found that the individually wrapped compules ensure ideal consistency and handling, Dr. Rubin also stated that the compules are inconvenient to store.

Dr. David Buchina conveyed, “The viscosity and associated characteristics (i.e., packing, molding, carving) are easily attained. Tight, anatomically correct contacts are quickly and efficiently achieved. [Admira Fusion’s] superb packing capabilities make for effectual restoration placement. I was able to rebuild several fractured cusps and, thus far, all are functioning well. I do wish for a greater depth of cure, but would not be willing to sacrifice any of the existing characteristics to get it.”



Nano-ORMOCER Technology

Admira Fusion’s Nano-ORMOCER technology reduces shrinkage and shrinkage stress, leading to outstanding shade stability, optimal marginal integrity, and long-term success of the restoration. In addition, the physical properties of the material eliminate post-operative sensitivity.

“The traditional monomers have been replaced by newer materials that reduce shrinkage and are ceramic-based,” reported Dr. Charles Crowl. “For certain applications, I like that the product is all porcelain [ceramic] and has very low shrinkage,” shared Dr. Dana Blalock. Many of the evaluators were impressed with the lack of post-op sensitivity. “I was comfortable knowing that there would be little, if any, post-operative sensitivity,” Dr. Blalock said. In one case, she removed a patient’s sensitive filling and replaced it with the Admira Fusion material, and the patient now has no sensitivity.



Polishability and Final Esthetics

With a high surface hardness (141 MHV), Admira Fusion is easy to polish to a high-shine luster, and strikes the perfect balance of translucency and opacity for natural-looking restorations, according to VOCO. The multiple universal VITA shades achieve realistic esthetic results.

“[The material] polishes well and hardens to the texture of dentin so my polishers don’t gouge it like softer composite materials,” reported Dr. Grady. He added, “The shade matching was easy, and it blended well with tooth structure and was very smooth when polished.”

Dr. Buchina said he found superior strength without the loss of esthetics. “Finishing/polishing is quickly and easily accomplished, saving chair time,” Dr. Buchina noted, adding that several patients commented on the achieved luster fi nish. Dr. Carlos Boudet said the material blends beautifully with the surrounding enamel. “Patients commented repeatedly on the great esthetics of the material,” shared Dr. Andy Snell.



Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Smith said he would continue to order and use Admira Fusion as his go-to resin in the future. Calling it a superlative product in all respects, Dr. Buchina praised the new technology: “Using Admira Fusion has streamlined completion of restorations by removing the complexity while maintaining their sophistication. There is no finer product on the market. Placement of direct restorations has become efficacious with this splendid material.”



Evaluation Snapshot


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