evaluatorsAll ceramic-based direct flowable base restorative material with a 4 mm depth of cure, compatible with conventional bonding agents, and ideal for a range of indications

When building a restoration, Dr. Andrew Mogelof was searching for a composite with the right amount of viscosity so he could shape the material before it set. He was one of several dentists who faced similar challenges and agreed to evaluate VOCO’s Admira Fusion x-base on its key qualities—such as viscosity, handling, delivery, and ease of use. “The overall handling was good and delivery system was accurate,” said Dr. Mogelof after using the restorative material on his patients.

According to VOCO, Admira Fusion x-base has a vast array of indications and is ideal for use in Class III and V restorations, or as a base or lining under direct restorative materials in Class I and II cavities. As the first all ceramic-based direct flowable base restorative material, it uses nano-ORMOCER technology to reduce shrinkage stress to the level of universal composites. In fact, Dr. Richard Leiman shared that the best feature of Admira Fusion x-base was its “presumed biologic response.” Our panel of evaluators recently put Admira Fusion x-base to the test in their practices and shared their biggest takeaways.


Viscosity and Handling

Admira Fusion x-base exhibits a self-leveling effect when handling that doesn’t slump out of maxillary restorations. VOCO lauds its product as having excellent handling, even in difficult-to-access areas. Dr. Jason Wetmore praised it for its “good viscosity and adaptation to prep walls,” as well as its “flowability and marginal adaptation of the Class II box.” Dr. Walter Davies said Admira Fusion x-base seemed to be a good product that addressed his needs in a flowable composite, while Dr. Leiman added that it had “good flowability.”

When asked about handling, Dr. Michael La- Marche said, “Looks great in the mouth and when used as a buildup material it feels and cuts like dentin.” One clinician noted that overall she liked the handling, but added that when packing the material, it left marks from where she last packed that needed smoothing. Dr. Mogelof felt that “viscosity, control, and opacity” were the best features of Admira Fusion x-base, while Dr. Mariam Vaziri valued its “nice handling.”


quoteEase of Use and Simplicity of Procedure

Easy to polish to a high shine luster, Admira Fusion x-base is also radiopaque and can be cured to a depth of 4 mm. “I like working with flowable bases as they conform to the proximal boxes and seal well,” said Dr. Mogelof, adding that he also liked curing the material in stages to create a “seat” for the packable composites. “I was able to gradually build up a deep proximal defect and have the gingival box sealed against the band,” he shared.

Dr. Leiman liked that the material was “very easy to see on radiographs,” and Dr. Craig Goldin, who used the material for typical fillings, appreciated the material’s low shrinkage. Dr. Isaac Perle, who was looking for a good base to use under composites, said Admira Fusion x-base was “easier to use than other bases.” Dr. LaMarche said it was “an aesthetic material that functions well as a long-term buildup.”


Delivery System

Admira Fusion x-base’s delivery system is available with Non-Dripping Syringe Technology. Dr. Davies shared that his favorite feature of the product was its larger syringe, and Dr. Perle agreed, sharing, “I liked the delivery syringe, especially the plunger.” Dr. Mogelof appreciated that the control of the composite made it easy to fill voids in preps or prevent voids in the dies for indirect restorations.

Dr. Mogelof also lauded the delivery system as being accurate. “The fine applicator tip allowed for the incremental buildup of a root canal treated tooth fractured to tissue,” said Dr. LaMarche, adding, “The delicate placement of material was possible around a post and pin with no material covering margins.” Dr. Jodi Lampert noted, “It has a dependable company name; I like the delivery system, I like the shade, I like the depth of cure.”


Overall Satisfaction

Nearly all clinicians who evaluated Admira Fusion x-base said they would recommend the product to their colleagues, including Dr. LaMarche, who said he would recommend it because of its great aesthetics and feel of the tooth structure. Six evaluators also shared that they would purchase the base restorative material in the future. It “has value as a stronger base layer,” observed Dr. Vaziri, while another clinician appreciated the color being not too gray or translucent. “I liked the product and will continue to use it,” said Dr. Wetmore, adding that it is an “excellent bulk fill composite [that] will increase efficiency and minimize voids.”


Evaluation Snapshot

Admira Fusion X-Base
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