New Patient Finder: Advanced Search Engine Optimization

New Patient Finder: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Evaluation

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Customized SEO plan is designed to improve a dental practice’s rankings on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, and attract new customers searching for a dentist online.

One of the biggest challenges for a dental practice is finding ways to attract new patients in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Practice owners may know dentistry, but few could be considered marketing specialists. “The world of marketing has changed drastically,” said Joyce Lawson, an Illinois hygienist and office manager. Knowing that prospective new patients rely heavily on the Internet to find a dentist, and that search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in determining what dental practice they find, Lawson’s practice decided to use the services of VivioSites. “We needed a company to take over,” she explained. After signing on with VivioSites, Lawson said her practice’s search engine rankings improved significantly. Lawson and several other dental practice managers and dentists weighed in on the services of VivioSites for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation.


Improved Search Engine Rankings

When a potential customer searches for a dentist on the Internet, it’s a huge benefit for a practice to show up on the first page of the search results. If it doesn’t, VivioSites says that practice could be missing out on 94% of the patients in their market. An SEO plan developed by VivioSites will optimize keywords and phrases so that a dental practice shows up on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Most of the evaluators noticed an improvement in search engine rankings after signing on with VivioSites. Dr. Thomas Landers, who noted the importance of having a strong presence on search engines, said his practice now consistently appears near the top of web searches thanks to the services of VivioSites. “[VivioSites] made sure search engines found us,” Dr. Landers said. Dr. Louis Scibelli agreed, stating, “It improved my rankings on all the major search engine websites. I think we are more visible online now.” Massachusetts dentist Dr. Matthew Miner noticed an increase in his new adult patients after adding the SEO program to his marketing strategy. Dr. Raj Bhandari rated all features of VivioSites as excellent. “We have increased our patient base and have increased our exposure to anyone looking for dental services,” he reported. While Georgia dentist Dr. Sean Grady noted that he expected a larger improvement in his search engine rankings, another dentist from New York said, “It has raised the ranking and visibility of [our] website.”


Customer Service

VivioSites prides itself on its outstanding customer service and is always available to help their SEO customers. In fact, the DPS team of evaluators gave customer service an almost perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5. “They are willing to help anytime we call,” shared Dr. Bhandari, who added, “Their customer service is definitely 5-star.” Many others praised VivioSites, with comments that it has a great staff and excellent customer service, is always available to answer a question by email or phone, and has quick, responsive, and friendly support. Dr. Landers concluded, “It is a pleasure working with VivioSites.”


Reporting and SEO Strategy

At the end of every month, VivioSites sends each SEO customer a detailed report containing keyword rankings and trends, the number of visits to the practice website, which keywords were used to access the website, where content has been submitted, and other details. After investing in VivioSites’ SEO pro-gram, Dr. Miner said he has increased practice awareness as well as name recognition. Dr. Landers shared, “I think I just need to better use the knowledge that VivioSites can provide me concerning SEO/marketing.” Dr. Bhandari, who said he invested in VivioSites’ SEO program because digital media is so popular, lauded VivioSites for its SEO strategy and reporting system. “[They are] willing to make sure we understand all reports,” Dr. Bhandari said. “They will work with us on giving us suggestions for improvements,” he added.



Overall Satisfaction

“I have been very happy with VivioSites as my website designer and marketer,” shared Dr. Landers, who also said the product/service is very easy to use. “VivioSites has been a tremendous help in getting our office onto the Internet.” The evaluation team as a whole rated VivioSites’ SEO program highly across several categories, resulting in a “Best Product” rating for the service.

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New Patient Finder: Advanced Search Engine Optimization
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