Aeras 500 Elite Handpieces from Star

Aeras 500 Elite Handpieces from Star Evaluation

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Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece Evaluation

A high-performance air-driven handpiece with an ergonomic design and innovative RFID technology


Aeras 500 air driven handpieceWhen Dr. Stephen Gordon agreed to try DENTALEZ’s Aeras 500 Elite Air-Driven Handpiece for this DPS evaluation, he wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since he often uses electric handpieces in his practice. Not only was he immediately impressed with the small size and in­credible power of the Aeras handpiece, but he said it was well-designed, with many bells and whistles that make restorative procedures easier for him and more comfortable for his patients.


“The Aeras 500 Elite handpiece is both beautiful and powerful,” Dr. Gordon stated, pointing out sever­al of his favorite features, such as the well-designed swivel connector, bright light, and water spray, which he said is sufficient and aimed well. “This handpiece made difficult-to-access teeth easier to prepare due to its small size, and it’s much less costly than electric handpiece turbine repair and replacement.” Dr. Gordon concluded, “For an air-driven handpiece, the Aeras 500 Elite packs quite a punch, close to the much more costly electric handpiece!”


RFID Technology

Part of DENTALEZ’s Aeras Intelligent Platform, which includes an air compressor and vacuum, the Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece is equipped with embed­ded radio-frequency identification (RFID) technolo­gy that, when used with a compatible RFID reader system, connects important handpiece activities with critical processes within the practice. Although the evaluators were unable to use the patent-pending RFID feature in a short-term evaluation, the unique cloud-based technology automatically tracks critical information like handpiece usage, sterilization, warranty, and maintenance data. For example, it can keep track of when the hand­piece was autoclaved, when it had a turbine replaced, and when it’s due for main­tenance. This automated recordkeeping is convenient for practices, especially large practices with multiple oper­atories and practitioners.


Ryan Saunders, DDS

"It made crown
preps and large
quicker and
quieter; patients
appreciate that."

Sean Grady, DDS

"It feels great in
the hand and is
easy to maneuver
to all areas of the

Mariano Polack, DDS

"It has excellent
torque, cutting
with ease and
high speed
Ryan Saunders,
Pleasant View, UT
Sean Grady,
Johns Creek, GA
Mariano Polack,
Gainesville, VA


Power & Torque

The Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece is available in 4 op­tions—LubeFree or lubricated with fiber optics that connect to 6-pin ISO fiber optic tubing, and LubeFree or lubricated without fiber optics that connect to standard 4-hole tubing. With LubeFree technology, practitioners can replace the turbine right in the office, so they don’t need to send it away for mainte­nance. Equipped with 39 W of cutting power, which DENTALEZ says is 30% more powerful than any other manufacturer, the handpiece cuts through the latest high-strength ceramic materials without generating excessive heat like an electric system. Cooling is pro­vided by a multi-port water spray, which a couple of evaluators said did not spray consistently; one dentist suggested adding a water spray quantity adjustment on the swivel adapter.


“I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of torque even at the same air pressure set for my other handpieces,” shared Dr. Sean Grady, who said the handpiece runs smoothly. Mariano Polack, DDS, agreed and said, “It has excellent torque, cutting with ease and high speed consistently, even on full-arch preparations.” While Dr. Eyad Haidar would like better torque, Dr. Ryan Saunders said the powerful torque and quiet operation were his favorite fea­tures. “This handpiece has greater torque than [my current air handpiece] and made crown preps and large restorations quicker and quieter. Patients appreciate that,” he said. Dr. Kenneth Louie said he experi­enced smooth running at all speeds and commented, “During finishing of subgingi­val margins of composite, the handpiece ran smoothly without stalling.”


Ergonomic Design

Aside from smart technology and massive cutting power, the Aeras 500 Elite debuts a new and modern shape that features a compact head and bal­anced, lightweight design with in-hand stability that helps to minimize effort and fatigue. In addition, the cool-spectrum LED illumination technology allows for enhanced visibility and easy navigation in the oral cavity, and the user-friendly push-button chuck system is designed for hands of all sizes.


“The Aeras 500 handpiece is weight­ed perfectly, feels great in the hand, and is easy to maneuver to all areas of the mouth,” noted Dr. Grady, who said the compact head and great angle made reaching the tooth simple. “I loved the feel in my hand,” said Dr. Saunders, noting that the head is a little bit larger than his current handpiece. Dr. Louie said the Aeras was well-balanced and lighter than his current handpiece, but the larger head made visibility and access not as good as his other handpiece.


Other comments about ergonomics and design were: “The burs don’t fit deep enough into the head of the handpiece,” “It was easy to take off the coupler,” “Remov­ing it from the adapter was hard,” and “I wish the handpiece was compatible with other Star couplers.” Dr. Polack praised the handpiece for its “incredible illumination” and said the light is much brighter than any other handpiece he has used.

Stephen Gordon, DDS
"The Aeras 500 Elite packs quite a punch, close to the much more costly electric handpiece!"
-Stephen Gordon, DDS
Chicago, IL


Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Gordon said he would recommend that other dentists try the Aeras 500 Elite, especially those who may not be able to invest in the higher cost of an electric handpiece. And Dr. Grady concluded, “I actually look forward to working in the operatory where I have the Aeras set up. It is fun to use!”



• RFID technology connects hand-piece activities with practice processes

• Ergonomic design features compact head and balanced, lightweight design

• 39 W of power cuts through high-strength ceramic materials

• Cool-spectrum LED illumination allows for enhanced visibility

• Multi-port water spray provides cooling

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.0
    Power/ torque

  • 4.1
    Cutting performance

  • 4.0
    Noise level

  • 4.2
    Ergonomics for clinician

  • 3.7
    Ease of access to oral cavity

  • 4.1

  • 4.2
    Convenience of replacing turbine in-office

Section A AVERAGE : 4.0
Section B
  • 3.8
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 3.8

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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Aeras 500 Elite Handpieces from Star
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