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FG-Diamond Bur Eval HeadshotFG Diamond Burs are designed for exceptional performance and durability.

Today’s dental clinicians demand diamond burs with excellent cutting efficiency, superior durability, and sufficient variety for effective and proficient completion of any task. A&M Instruments seeks to meet this demand with its line of disposable FG Diamond Burs, designed to offer smooth, efficient cutting and extended life.

According to Dr. Cristian Secareanu, part of a team of dentists who evaluated the burs for Dental Product Shopper, the FG Diamond Burs allowed him to work quickly, with predictable results. “They are reliable burs we can go back to every time in our office,” he added.

Cutting Efficiency

FG Diamond Burs are multi-layered selected diamonds, resulting in fast and smooth cuts. Each bur is subjected to microscopic inspection to ensure fast and easy operation with the highest quality. “These diamonds cut very fast and don’t clog, leading to excellent performance,” reported Dr. Ronald Heier, who described them as very efficient and fast cutting. Robert Korwin, DMD, reported “excellent cutting action,” and said he was able to achieve fast crown preps without switching out the bur. David Martin, DDS, noted that the burs cut efficiently and quickly, and easily prepared teeth.

Carrie Niemann, DDS, who has found that single-use diamonds frequently fall short on performance, said this diamond stayed sharp for the whole procedure. Dr. Secareanu used the burs to prep several molars for crown and bridge work, and said, “It turned out to be much easier and faster due to the cutting efficiency of the burs.” He added, “The patient was comfortable and very happy when the work took much less time, without much discomfort.” Saying that the A&M diamonds allowed for fast cutting of tooth structure, Dr. Sheldon Seidman recommended using them dry, as he found that water seemed to reduce cutting efficiency.

Variety: Size, Shape, and Grit

FG Diamonds are available in an extensive array of shapes, sizes, and grits to meet a variety of needs. When asked about these variations, Dr. Niemann noted that the shapes she likes were available. Although he rated the variety of sizes, shapes, and grits as very good, Dr. Korwin said he would have liked additional shapes and sizes. Dr. Secareanu, who noted there were plenty of choices of grits and sizes for any project, said the burs were especially helpful when preparing several teeth for crowns in a patient with severe overcrowding. “It was quite easy to find the perfect size burs for breaking the very tight contacts between teeth,” he shared, adding, “We were able to finish what seemed like a complicated case in the beginning without any trouble at all.”


Practice Benefits: Efficiency, Patient Experience, and Value

The increased efficiency achieved with FG Diamond Burs reduces chair time, enhancing both patient and clinician satisfaction. One-piece stainless steel shanks maximize durability, and multi-layering reduces operation time. The disposable burs eliminate the need for sterilization, and the price is kind to the bottom line.

Several evaluators reported increased efficiency and improved patient experiences. “[The burs] shortened preparation time for crowns and bridges,” Dr. Heier noted. Dr. James Rhea said they cut well and are durable.

When asked how the burs had impacted their practices, Dr. Martin said they were easier on the patients and allowed for faster preparations and quicker appointments. Spencer Owades, DMD, said they were easy to use and eliminated the need to sterilize burs. Dr. Mehler was pleased to have another disposable dental product, and said his patients and his staff appreciated that there was no need to sterilize the burs and no concern of cross-contamination.

When asked if they considered the FG Diamond Burs to be a good value, one evaluator commented that they were “well-priced and very effective diamonds,” while another said they are “a good value for the stated price.”

Overall Satisfaction

Most evaluators concurred that the FG Diamonds met their cutting efficiency needs and had a positive impact on their practices. “It has helped us work better and more efficiently chairside,” said Dr. Secareanu, one of many evaluators who said they would recommend the burs to colleagues. “[It was my] favorite diamond bur immediately,” Dr. Korwin concluded.


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