ASAP Indirect+ All Surface Access Polishers

ASAP Indirect+ All Surface Access Polishers Evaluation

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ASAP Indirect+ All Surface Access Polishers

These multi-shaped diamond-impregnated adjusters and spiral wheel polishers are ideal for all indirect ceramic restorations

ASAP Indirect+ all surface access polishers from clinician's choiceWhen adjusting and polishing an indirect restoration, dentists face many potential challenges. To access posterior restorations, the adjuster and polisher need to fit into hard-to-reach areas. If a restoration is scratched or scuffed during the adjustment process, it's important to be able to smooth that defect in the dental chair, without having to send the crown back to the lab. And, to keep the patient comfortable and save chair time, the polishing process should be quick, with one polishing system that's able to handle all steps in the process.

Designed to overcome these potential challenges, the ASAP Indirect+ All Surface Access Polishers from Clinician's Choice offer a simple yet effective method of adjusting and polishing indirect restorative surfaces, according to the manufacturer. For this DPS product evaluation, several dentists experimented with the new polishing system and collectively deemed it a Best Product.


Versatility, Accessibility, and Durability

The versatile ASAP Indirect+ system is ideal for hard indirect restorative surfaces and ceramics, including zirconia, lithium disilicate, and porcelain. Dr. Brandon Stapleton was glad to be able to polish almost any restorative material without using multiple different polishing systems. "There's only one system to keep up with for a variety of materials," he explained, adding, "In cases with mixed materials, it's so easy to adjust and polish."

ASAP dental polishers can access any surface—occlusal, lingual, interproximal, and facial. Dr. Michael Kelly said he had simple and relatively fast access to all tooth surfaces, and Dr. Patrick Foy liked that the polishers adapted to occlusal anatomy. Dr. Peter Schott had a couple large ceramic cases that required adjustments and, in those cases, he said, "The ASAP polishing kit was very effective in getting hard-to-reach areas polished." Dr. Schott suggested some smaller size polisher wheels, and Dr. Grant Glauser recommended different shapes.

Designed with a high concentration of diamond particles and coupled with a durable silicone binder, the ASAP Indirect+ system is "sturdy and withstands autoclave conditions," according to Dr. John Lee. "It doesn't flake apart when used like other polishers," shared Dr. Irene Renieris. "The adjusting points and wheels lasted a long time," remarked Dr. Schott, while Dr. Kelly suggested that the longevity of the wheel polishers could be improved.


Irene Renieris, DDS, asap polisher evaluator

"It shined the
crown up as if it
just came out of
the lab box
for delivery."

Steve Taborada, DMD, Asap polisher evaluator

"Great intraoral
access, simple
polishing steps."

Peter Schott, DMD, ASAP polisher evaluator

"The coarse
adjuster points
did an excellent
job of removing
scratches from
ceramic restor-
ations following
adjustment with
diamond burs."
Irene Renieris, DDS
Chicago, IL
Steve Taborada, DMD
Port Orange, FL
Peter Schott, DMD
San Ramon, CA


Efficiency/Speed of Polishing

The ASAP Indirect+ Starter Kit includes 3 multi-shaped, diamond-impregnated adjusters and 2 diamond-impregnated polishing wheels. With only 2 simple steps, Dr. Steve Taborda said the ASAP Indirect + All Surface Access Polishers were convenient and simple for polishing his e.max crowns and saved him chair time. Dr. Glauser said it made polishing easier and quicker, especially in cases with mixed materials. Dr. Foy was able to achieve easy and fast polishing, especially after diamond adjustment of solid zirconia crowns, and Dr. Robert Dawe called it faster than other polishing kits. Recommending an autoclavable storage kit for the set, Dr. Stapleton said his favorite feature was the ease of the 2-step system and added, "I loved the polishers!"


Quality of Finishing and Polishing

The coarse adjuster—available in a disc, point, or cylinder shape—makes minor adjustments and removes scratches. "The coarse adjuster points did an excellent job of removing scratches from ceramic restorations following adjustment with diamond burs," shared Dr. Schott. After some adjustments, Dr. Bertram Hughes said the restoration polished up nicely with the ASAP polishers. "I feel more confident when adjusting crowns that the patient will be satisfied with the feel," he added.

The spiral wheel polishers deliver a fast, high gloss shine, returning the restoration to a lab-fabricated polish after adjustment, according to the manufacturer. Dr. Schott said he liked the size of the wheels, and Dr. Glauser "got a very high shine" after removing scratches and scuff marks. "Polishing e.max monolithic restorations intraorally after bite adjustment works great," shared Dr. Taborda, "giving the glaze back to the restoration." Dr. Kevin Clemmons said he was able to achieve a "nice, smooth finish to adjusted zirconia crowns," and Dr. Renieris discovered that the ASAP dental polishers "shined the crown up as if it just came out of the lab box for delivery."


"I was able to polish almost any restorative material without [having to use] multiple polishing systems."
-Brandon Stapleton, DMD
Lexington, KY


Overall Satisfaction

"Overall, it's a nice polishing system to have in the office," concluded Dr. Renieris. Dr. Foy said he would definitely add ASAP Indirect+ to his tool bag when seating a crown with adjustments. He added, "I'm happy to have new crowns shine again." Dr. Glauser's colleagues also appreciated the product. "I work with 2 other dentists," Dr. Glauser shared, "and they kept trying to steal the [ASAP Indirect + All Surface Access Polishers] and use them because they liked them!"



•Multi-shaped diamond-impregnated adjusters and polishers are suitable for all indirect ceramic restorations, including zirconia, lithium, disilicate, and porcelain
•Coarse adjuster- available in disc, point, or cylinder shape—makes minor adjustments or removes scratches
•Spiral wheel polishers deliver a fast, super high gloss shine and can access any surface
•Designed with a high concentration of diamond particles and a durable silicone binder


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.7
    Versatility (use on all types of ceramic restorations)

  • 4.1
    Accessibility (access to various tooth surfaces)

  • 4.4
    Efficiency/ Speed of polishing (2-step system)

  • 4.3
    Quality of finishing and polishing

  • 4.0
    Durability (diamond particle retention/ number of uses per polisher)

Section A AVERAGE : 4.3
Section B
  • 4.4
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.4

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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