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BeeGentle 20% benzocaine topical varnish creates a white ?target area,? so the clinician can easily see the intended injection site.

CAO Group describes BeeGentle as a 20% benzocaine topical varnish that is easily applied and stays where it is placed. In addition, this unique varnish forms a white ?target area? that allows clinicians to easily see where to inject anesthetic.

BeeGentle releases benzocaine at a constant rate for up to a 30-minute period, and its water-insoluble formula forms a film upon contact with moist tissue. The varnish adheres to soft tissue forming a white film that remains in place until physically removed or until slowly dissolved by saliva. This unique, time-released benzocaine varnish does not easily wash away, providing longer lasting anesthesia versus conventional water-soluble products. BeeGentle is available in a pleasant honey flavor for maximum patient comfort.

Dental Product Shopper enlisted 13 evaluators to test and rate BeeGentle in their practices for 4 weeks. They tested features such as ease of application, speed of onset, and patient satisfaction.


Staying in place and the ability to see where it has been placed are just 2 of the features that make BeeGentle a convenient solution in the operatory.

In rating BeeGentle?s ease of application, 8 evaluators called it excellent, 3 called it very good, 1 called it good, and 1 called it poor.

Evaluators also rated BeeGentle?s ability to stay in place. It was rated as excellent by 9 evaluators, very good by 1, good by 2, and poor by 1. One evaluator said, ?The product was very effective in staying in place and could visually be seen after application.? Another added it ?stays in the intended site well.?

?Ease of use for other applications like SRP? was rated as excellent by 6 evaluators, as very good by 2, as good by 1, and as poor by 3 (1 evaluator declined to rate this item). An evaluator who rated their overall satisfaction as excellent said: ?This product was excellent to use during SRP procedures. The product actually stayed in place and remained effective even during the use of the Cavitron.?

When asked to rate time savings while using BeeGentle, 3 called it excellent, 2 called it very good, 3 called it good, 2 called it fair, and 3 called it poor.

Anesthetic Properties

BeeGentle slowly releases 20% benzocaine over a 30-minute period, delivering long-lasting pain relief.

Regarding the speed of onset of the anesthesia, 2 evaluators rated it excellent, 5 rated it very good, 2 rated it good, 2 rated it fair, and 2 rated it poor. One evaluator mentioned he would like the onset to be quicker.

The evaluators also rated the length of anesthetic release, as well. Eight said it was excellent, 3 said it was very good, and 2 said it was poor. One evaluator said, ?Patients liked how profound the numbness was.?

Patient Comfort

With a honey flavor and powerful benzocaine formula, BeeGentle is designed with patient comfort in mind.

Profound anesthesia was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, very good by 5, good by 1, and poor by 2. An evaluator with 20 years of experience in dentistry said, ?This product seemed to give a very profound anesthesia,? and added that this feature was ?something [he] was impressed with.?

Evaluators also noted their patients? satisfaction with BeeGentle, with 2 calling it excellent, 7 calling it very good, 1 calling it good, and 3 calling it poor. There were a large number of comments on this topic, ranging from, ?Patients loved the taste,? to, ?This product was wonderful for use on patients with sensitivity.? An evaluator with 9 years of experience mentioned, ?We use topical to offset the stinging sensation of injection but patients report some mild discomfort of the use of this product.?

Overall Satisfaction

At the end of the 4-week review period, the evaluators rated their overall satisfaction with BeeGentle. Four evaluators called the product excellent, 4 called it very good, 1 called it good, 1 called it fair, and 3 called it poor. A Georgia-based hygienist said, ?This product was excellent to use during SRP procedures.? When asked what they would like to see improved about BeeGentle, 1 evaluator replied, ?I think it is the best it can be.?

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