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BFC³ Powered Impression Gun Evaluation

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Expressing impression material, especially thicker viscosities, often causes hand or finger fatigue for a dental professional. Dr. John Horn, whose assistants sometimes have difficulty expressing heavier body tray and bite registration materials manually, found that Practicon’s BFC³ Powered Impression Gun is easy to use and simplifies the work flow. Especially for employees who may not have the strength or endurance to express a heavier body material for a long length of time, Dr. Horn said the BFC³ “takes the manual effort out of filling a tray with impression material.”

When working with impression materials, time is of the essence to avoid the material setting up too quickly. “Using a manual impression gun is both cumbersome and stressful,” shared Dr. Shalom Mehler, one of several dentists who tested the BFC³ for this DPS evaluation. “Precious seconds are wasted with a manual gun due to the need to constantly squeeze - release – squeeze.” With the BFC³ dental dispensing gun Dr. Mehler said, “The process is now automated with a simple squeeze of the trigger and the steady extrusion of material. No time is wasted and little effort is exerted.”

Dr. Larry Tabor knows that some hands simply aren’t strong enough to exert the power and force needed to express heavy impression material. A regular dispensing gun “was just too hard on our hands,” he explained, adding that it took so long to express some stiffer materials that it would start setting too soon. Calling the BFC³ “the best thing I’ve seen,” he and his assistants loved how the gun made material easier to express, reducing fatigue on hands. Dr. Mike Glasmeier said the BFC³ “improved ergonomics for his assistant and made impression taking a little easier,” and Dr. Kathy Mortazavi agreed that it “required less force to express the material.”

“It’s difficult to dispense impression materials uniformly and in a timely fashion,” acknowledged Dr. Partha Mukherji. Hoping to “mitigate finger and hand fatigue,” she tried the BFC³ and said she definitely appreciated the one push trigger mechanism. She suggested reduced bulk and weight, adding, “I understand that may be difficult to improve on given the need for a motor.” Several dentists mentioned that it was too heavy or bulky, including Dr. Kane Fulton, who said, “I love the product but wish it was not as big and heavy as it is,” and Dr. Beena Lad, who said, “A smaller gun would be easier to hold.”

Ease and Speed of Expressing Material
The handheld, cordless, motorized dental impression gun automatically expresses impression material with one push of a button. Dr. Edward Lew said his assistants loved the BFC³ because it was much easier and quicker to dispense heavy body material. “It was very simple to use and dispensed a uniform and consistent impression material on the tray,” he said. Calling the BFC³ very easy to set up and use, Dr. Donald Roman said, “Utilizing full arch impressions for dental implant transfers was much simpler with the gun.” Dr. Lad noted that it fills a tray super fast and is easier to use than a manual gun. The BFC³ “delivered a smooth and consistent amount of VPS impression material quickly and effortlessly,” said Dr. Thomas Walker, adding that the speed of dispensing allows him more working time. “This product has made my impression taking easier and faster,” shared Dr. Shalom Mehler. He explained, “Working time is the important commodity while taking an impression, and this product allows the practitioner to gain precious seconds through the automation of the process.”
Ease of Adjusting Flow
Compatible with standard 25ml, 50ml, and 75ml cartridges, the BFC³ is equipped with variable flow speed control (from 0.6 to 1.7ml/sec), auto-reverse anti-drip control, and auto-stop. “The ability to adjust the flow rate is a really neat feature,” noted Dr. Horn, who mentioned the material runs out for a short time after you stop pushing the express trigger. “The anti-drip feature is brilliant to prevent messes,” declared Dr. Walker, adding, “It expedited the impression and clean up process due to less mess.” He said the measured amount of material helped reduce excess, which prevented the gagging reflex in some patients.

The BFC³’s rechargeable battery dispenses up to sixty 50ml cartridges on a full charge and is easily recharged. “The battery life was very good as we didn’t really need to charge it that often,” stated Dr. Lew, and Dr. Walker said, “The gun holds a very long charge which is a plus when taking multiple impressions.”

Mehler, DMD;
Teaneck, NJ
Overall Satisfaction
Calling it a cost-effective, innovative dental impression gun, Dr. Walker said, “My assistant raves over the gun and gives it an A+. And if that makes her happy then I’m happy.” Dr. Tabor compared the BFC³ to an automated mixing machine with the advantage of portability and said its speed, accuracy, and portability have allowed him to “go back to a heavy body material for C&B impressions.” Everyone in Dr. Tabor’s practice tried the dental dispensing gun, and they all concluded, “We cannot give it enough stars to justify how good this product actually is.”
Motorized impression gun automatically expresses impression material with one push of a button
Handheld, cordless, and portable with rechargeable batteries
Reduces hand fatigue and improves efficiency
Compatible with standard 25ml, 50ml, and 75ml cartridges
Variable flow speed control (from 0.6 to 1.7ml/sec), autoreverse anti-drip control, and auto-stop
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Section A
  • 3.5
    Ergonomics- grip/ size/ weight/ reduced repetitive motion

  • 4.3
    Ease of use/ Ease of expressing material

  • 4.3
    Speed of expressing material

  • 4.4
    Ease of adjusting flow- timing of flow control/ auto-reverse/ auto-stop

  • 4.6
    Versatility to use with a variety of cartridges and materials

  • 4.6
    Battery life

Section A AVERAGE : 4.3
Section B
  • 4.4
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.4

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
BFC³ Powered Impression Gun
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