evaluatorsPremier’s new bioactive pit and fissure sealant provides outstanding adhesion and protection, with extended fluoride release

Dr. Rodolfo Olmos prefers a dental sealant material that’s easy to use with predictable results, while hygienist Heather Locker likes a sealant that dispenses with ease and does not run. For Dr. Robert Kirchmann, it’s important that a sealant is also durable and clinically detectable at recare visits. What if all of these coveted qualities could be combined into one sealant? Premier Dental has sought to do just that with its BioCoat Bioactive Resin Pit and Fissure Sealant.

According to Premier, BioCoat is not only easy to dispense, fl owable, durable, visible, and predictable, but it also features a unique bioactive component that offers extended fl uoride release. A group of dental professionals, including Dr. Olmos, Locker, and Dr. Kirchmann, tested BioCoat in their practices for this DPS evaluation. Let’s see if it measured up to their expectations.


Application and Procedure Time

quoteDispensed in a 1.2 ml syringe, Premiere BioCoat applies easily with disposable applicator tips. Calling it simple to use and fast to place, Dr. Olmos said he had 100% efficacy on his patients with no discomfort. Locker said it was easy to dispense, and the procedure was faster and went much more smoothly than with other sealants. She suggested a smaller tip, and Dr. Robert Milner said he would like to see more than 5 applicator tips included with the package.

Acknowledging that speed is critical when isolating and applying sealants, Dr. Marc Vance said BioCoat is easy to apply without a bonding agent and added, “A sealant that applies and polishes like a flowable or RMGI is a great tool.” Hygienist Trisha Fluent found BioCoat to be user-friendly, consistent, and reliable in a saliva-challenged mouth. She added, “This product is a gem.”



Due to excellent flowability and a bubblefree consistency, BioCoat applies smoothly and consistently, and its thixotropic properties allow it to penetrate and adapt into the smallest pits and fi ssures, according to the manufacturer. Dr. Olmos praised its excellent flowability and great consistency, and Dr. Carrie Niemann shared, “The low viscosity made it easy to fi ll even the smallest of grooves.” Locker said, “The fl ow is perfect. I loved the consistency; [it] made it very easy to work with.” When asked to suggest improvements to the product, Steven LeBeau, DDS, said it was “maybe too fluid with more bubbles than desired,” while Terrie Moncourtois, RDH, said she liked the bubblefree consistency and smooth margins best. Dr. Milner said the wettability was great and allowed for better adherence to the tooth, and added, “This product exceeded my expectations as an enamel sealant.”


Esthetics, Durability, and Bioactivity

Premier BioCoat is white in color and has a natural appearance but is visible when air dried. Dr. Niemann said the natural color is nice for use on premolars where an opaque material would be less esthetically pleasing. “It blends well with tooth structure,” Dr. Vance stated, adding that some practitioners may prefer a contrasting white. Dr. Olmos added, “It’s important in some cases to be able to see the sealant, and this product made it easy for the clinician to detect.”

With shear bond strength of 32 MPa and compressive strength comparable to flowable composites, BioCoat ensures excellent long-term resistance to wear and is highly retentive for a long-lasting sealant.

Dr. Cheryl Bingham praised its retention, commenting, “It worked great, and [I even] placed it on my godchild who kept losing her [previous] sealant, and it stayed.” Another hygienist, Stacey Abbatessa, said, “It felt like a high-grade flowable composite resin or glass ionomer cement. The product is simple to use, but the fi nish seemed much stronger than materials I have used in the past.”

Calling BioCoat the only resin sealant with bioavailable ions, Premier formulated the dental sealant material with unique SmartCap Technology that releases bioactive ions of fluoride, calcium, and phosphate long after the sealant is applied. In fact, hygienist Denise Huber said the ability to absorb and release fluoride long-term is the draw to using this particular sealant.

“If it re-releases fluoride as promised, it should really help prevent decay,” Huber noted. Dr. LeBeau said he loves the fluoride bioactive component but admits that “time will tell” if it works to retard decay. Dr. Olmos was happy to provide a predictable product that will help patients be cavity free, and added, “[You] can’t really ask for more.”


Overall Satisfaction

Abbatessa, who had been using the same sealant for years, was impressed with the material, surprised with the overall result, and “loved the product.” And Moncourtois concluded, “I like knowing I was providing a top-notch product to my patients that will stay with them for many years, protecting their teeth.” Every practitioner who evaluated BioCoat said they would recommend it to colleagues, and collectively, they awarded BioCoat a DPS Best Product rating.


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Section B AVERAGE : 4.7

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