bioguard-microbial-evacuation-line-cleaner-pe-evaluators.jpgWith its bacterial enzymes that provide residual cleaning action, BioGuard works continually—even between cleanings—to provide maximum suction.

Let’s face it, dental evacuation lines are dirty and smelly. They clog easily, and their daily maintenance is a time-consuming task. Some dental professionals have sought to overcome that challenge by using a product that effectively cleans and disinfects lines while saving time and improving suction performance. Michael Stanley, an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) who recently took part in the Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Hager Worldwide’s BioGuard Evacuation Line Cleaner, discovered that the product met those demands.

Stanley found that BioGuard was efficient, quicker, and safer for equipment, and left suction lines clean. He liked the “pleasant odor” and noticed the aspirator trap was not as full after using the cleaner. Stanley also said he saved time, since no mixing was required, and he only had to use the cleaner twice a week. “It was more efficient to use the small volume of liquid for each treatment room,” he added. After using BioGuard in his operatories for 4 weeks, Stanley concluded, “I think that over time, the enzymatic and biological nature will help aspirator systems last longer than chlorine-based systems.”


Packaging, Dispensing, Mixing

BioGuard comes in premeasured 30 mL packages for easy dispensing. The water fill line on the tip-and-pour dispenser is clearly marked at 720 mL for easy mixing. “I like the individual packets that mixed easily with water,” Deborah Deal shared. Sherry Morrissey agreed, calling it very easy to mix. Morrissey added, “I liked how it shows you how much water to add on the container. With our previous cleaner, we have to guess how far to fill the bucket with water.” Hygienist Sandra Hersey described the container as nice and compact, while Jessica Raymond-Allbritten said she would like to see a larger container.


Improved Suction and Reduced Odor

BioGuard’s bacterial enzymes provide continuous residual action for the entire evacuation line system. The biodegradable, nonfoaming formula removes debris, buildup, and biofilm from the vacuum lines while eliminating odors. Without the debris, vacuum line suction is improved, saving time and extending the life of the vacuum pump.

“I had a noticeable improvement in my operatory,” Deal said after using BioGuard. “One operatory had 2 HVE lines with one barely functioning. It now has great suction,” she added. Nancy Shepard noted improved strength of suction while Ellen Ford called the formula very efficient at cleaning out buildup. Hygienist Kristi Evansen said one of their hygiene rooms always had a large buildup of pumice in the trap. “I actually would have to scoop it out with a spatula, and it smelled horrible even though I had a mask on,” she shared. “This product seemed to eliminate most of it, so there was much less in the trap when it was changed.”

“The smell was pleasant, like Ivory soap,” noted Evansen, and Darin Throndson lauded the fresh scent after use. Ford called the smell “somewhat strong,” while Amy Sherman remarked, “We even liked the smell; the stuff we use really stinks.”


Time Savings and Ease of Use

bioguard-microbial-evacuation-line-cleaner-pe-quote.jpgOne of the greatest benefits of BioGuard is less time spent on maintenance, according to the manufacturer, as it only needs to be used twice a week instead of daily. Stanley, who said he is always looking for an easier, equipment-friendly aspirator system cleaning, called the product “very quick” and was pleased with the twice-weekly usage. Shepard agreed and said BioGuard improved her office’s efficiency because of the less frequent use, improved strength of suction, and the ease of mixing.

“It was easy to use, and we felt like it did a great job,” Sherman reported. When asked what she liked best, Evansen said it was the speed with which the system worked to draw the solution from the container. Hersey noted that her previous product was too bubbly and liked that BioGuard doesn’t foam up, thus taking less time to prepare.


Overall Satisfaction

When asked if she would purchase the product in the future, Morrissey said, “If there’s a product available that can remove the sticky, gummy, fluoride varnish out of my vacuum lines like this product did, I would definitely buy it.” Shepard called the product superior and added, “Eight people in our practice used the samples, and everyone preferred it to our current brand.”


Evaluation Snapshot

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