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COLTENE’s BioSonic SUVI combines state-of-the-art electronics and a unique tip design with optimal ease of use and ergonomics.

“My hygienist had been using [another] scaler for years and was hesitant to give this model a try. Now, I can’t keep her from using the SUVI,” said 1 of 10 dentists and hygienists, all current COLTENE customers, who participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation.

Coltene’s BioSonic SUVI maximizes efficacy, precision, and ease of use by combining ergonomics with advanced electronics, uniquely designed LED lighting, and highly durable DuraGradeMAX tips. “This is the best ultrasonic I’ve ever used,” said a hygienist with 30 years of experience who rated all features as excellent.


Ease of Use

Manufacturer Description: The BioSonic SUVI optimizes both ease of use and ergonomics. Power is adjusted via the working mode buttons on the uncomplicated touch panel, and each button is marked with icons similar to those on the tips. The handpiece has a comfortable, non-slip grip, and the dynamic foot pedal enables hands-free control of the LED light, the power mode, and the water jet cleaning function for use in polishing and irrigation. Water regulation is embedded in the ultrasonic handpiece, enabling easy and quick spray adjustment. The built-in cleaning system is activated by pressing just 1 button, and the smooth surfaces of the autoclavable handpieces make them easy to clean and wipe.

Evaluator Feedback: Overall ease of use was rated as excellent, very good, or good by 9 evaluators, including a dentist in practice for 30 years, who called the unit, “by far, the best -engineered Piezo I’ve ever used.”

A few evaluators commented on a learning curve associated with the foot pedal, noting that the power “moves too easily” to a higher setting.



Manufacturer Description: The BioSonic Suvi’s LED lights are the most powerful on the market (70,000 Lux), and effectively illuminate the treatment area for optimal visibility, even through water or powder spray, and reduced eye strain. Six light sources produce an even light distribution and the white-blue color temperature enhances visibility of calculus and stains by creating superb contrast. The optimized light angle provides light that is both concentrated and better focused. The LED light lasts for 100,000 hours (30 years) and generates no heat in the handpiece.

Evaluator Feedback: “I love the illumination feature,” said a hygienist who reported that she would probably purchase the unit and recommend it to colleagues. A dentist in practice for 30 years, who rated all features as excellent, identified illumination as one of his favorite features, stating, “outstanding handpiece illumination.”


Calculus Removal

Manufacturer Description: Advanced electronics and highly durable DuraGradeMAX tips maximize precision and efficacy for a range of precision-driven procedures. Procedure effectiveness is further enhanced by the visibility provided by the unit’s 6 LED light sources.

Evaluator Feedback: Effectiveness in removing calculus was rated as excellent or very good by 8 evaluators. “The scaler works as advertised,” said a dentist who gave the unit an overall rating of very good. “We’ve had a chance to use it for the last 6 months or so and it has performed extremely well.” One evaluator noted that the “tips are much thicker and larger than [those of] the competition, decreasing the ability to get everywhere needed,” and another, who called the scaler much better than similar products, noted that it “does a good job removing calculus but feels like it should be on the highest settings to get good results.”


Overall Satisfaction

While not specifically asked to rate patient comfort, several evaluators commented on their patients’ reaction to the BioSonic SUVI. “Patients felt such a difference with sensitivity and the amount of water, which was just a mist,” said a hygienist who reported that she would definitely purchase the unit and recommend it to colleagues. The same evaluator, who called the BioSonic SUVI much better than similar products, went on to say, “it’s very quiet and tissue bled little to not at all. Patients felt such a positive difference that they want the SUVI only versus any other ultrasonic.”Nine evaluators rated overall satisfaction as excellent or very good. “I plan on purchasing at least 1 more,” said 1 of the 9 evaluators who reported that they would definitely or probably buy the unit. “Honestly, I like it so much that I wouldn’t recommend it because I don’t want anyone else to have it,” said a Florida dentist who called the BioSonic SUVI much better than similar units.

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BioSonic Suvi
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