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The self-reinforcing monomer in Bond Force produces a 3D link to the tooth, creating a strong bond to enamel and dentin.

Tokuyama introduced Bond Force self-etching dental adhesive in September 2007. This seventh- generation, single-component bonding agent is self-etching and fluoride releasing. Bond Force also contains a patented self-reinforcing (SR) monomer that creates a 3D link between the tooth and enamel and dentin.

Bond Force is indicated for bonding of light- or dual-cured composite material to cut or uncut enamel and dentin and to repair fractured porcelain or composite. It is available in both unit doses and bottles.

Ease of Use

According to the manufacturer, Bond Force does not require any etching, rinsing, or mixing. Only 1 application of the product is needed. When the 8 dentists who participated in this evaluation were asked to rate Bond Force on its ease of use, 5 rated it as excellent and 3 rated it as very good. One evaluator said the product is “very easy to use, just a simple twist.” Another evaluator commented that Bond Force is “as easy as any other dental adhesive that I’ve used.”


Tokuyama says that Bond Force is less technique sensitive than some other bonding agents, requiring only 1 application. When the evaluators were asked about the importance of technique when choosing a bonding agent, 7 said technique is very important and 1 said it is important. The evaluators were then asked to rate the Bond Force technique. Five rated it as excellent and 3 rated it as very good. One evaluator said, “It is interesting that [the manufacturer] recommends the margins be coated after the prep compared to [another product], which has the clinician do that first.” Another evaluator described the technique as “easy, simple.”

Working and Setting Times

The manufacturer’s instructions state that after the adhesive is applied, the clinician should rub the margin for 20 seconds, air dry for 10 seconds (5 seconds weak and 5 seconds strong), and light cure for 10. When the evaluators were initially asked about the importance of working and setting times when purchasing a self-etch adhesive, 6 said they are very important to important, 1 was neutral on the subject, and 1 said they are not important at all.
After using Bond Force in their practices for 4 weeks, the evaluators were asked to rate its working and setting times. Seven rated them as excellent and 1 rated them as very good. One evaluator summed it up by simply saying, “Excellent.”

Packaging and Instructions

The evaluators were asked to rate the packaging of Bond Force and the accompanying instructions for use. Four evaluators rated the packaging as excellent, 3 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. One evaluator said, “I like the packaging very much.”
With regard to the instructions for use, 5 evaluators rated them as excellent, 2 rated them as very good, and 1 rated them as fair. One evaluator said, “The photos are difficult to understand. A clearer written explanation would be better.” A second evaluator described the instructions as “very easy to understand.”

Overall Satisfaction

The evaluators were asked if they would recommend Bond Force to their colleagues and if they would purchase it in the future. Seven evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend Bond Force and 1 said he wasn’t sure. Six evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase Bond Force in the future and 2 said they weren’t sure. When asked to compare Bond Force with other similar products offered by other companies, 3 described it as much or somewhat better and 5 found it to be about the same as other similar products.
At the end of the evaluation, the dentists were asked to give their overall satisfaction rating for Bond Force. Three evaluators rated overall satisfaction as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. One evaluator summed it up by saying that the Bond Force technique is “easy and simple.”


Suggested Retail Price:
14961 Tokuyama® Bond Force Intro Kit
(20 Unit Dose, 25 brushes)
14951 Tokuyama® Bond Force Standard Kit
(50 Unit Dose, 50 brushes)
14912 Tokuyama® Bond Force Kit
(5ml Bottle, 50 brushes, mixing well)
14932 Tokuyama® Bond Force Refill
(5 ml Bottle)
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Section A
  • 4.6
    Ease of use

  • 4.6

  • 4.9
    Working Time

  • 4.9
    Setting time

  • 4.4

  • 4.4

  • 4.3
    Overall Satisfaction

Section A AVERAGE : 4.6

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
Bond Force
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