Brasseler USA EndoSequence System

Brasseler USA EndoSequence System Evaluation

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The EndoSequence System was designed to be useful for both endodontists and general practitioners.

Brasseler USA claims that one of the features that makes the EndoSequence System unique is the design of the rotary files. By using alternating contact points, the file can remain centered without radial lands.

According to the manufacturer, this design keeps the file centered in the canal, reduces the torque requirements, and increases the flexibility of the file.


The manufacturer states that the flexibility of many nickel titanium files is hampered by the use of radial lands, which are incorporated into the files to help keep them centered in the canal. According to Brasseler USA, the alternating contact point design of the EndoSequence files increases flexibility and reduces torque requirements.
When the 10 dentist evaluators were asked to rate the Brasseler EndoSequence files on flexibility, 80% rated them as excellent to very good; the remaining evaluators rated them as good. Commented 1 evaluator, “I think the cutting and flexibility of the files are great.”

Cutting Efficiency

According to Brasseler USA, EndoSequence files are electropolished to remove imperfections that might lead to separation and cracking. The result, claims the manufacturer, is a sharper, cleaner, and more durable file, which will lead to better cutting efficiency.
The evaluators were asked to rate the cutting efficiency of the EndoSequence files. Ninety percent of the evaluators rated them as excellent to very good. One evaluator said, “Polished [files] definitely make a difference.”

Ease of Use and Training/Instructions

When the dentist evaluators were asked to rate the EndoSequence System on ease of use, 7 rated it as excellent and 3 rated it as very good. When asked about the instructions that accompany the system, the 8 evaluators rated the system as excellent to very good and 2 rated it as good. One evaluator noted that, “As a GP, the learning curve and the risk of using a new rotary system is difficult. The EndoSequence design has shortened my learning curve tremendously.” This evaluator went on to say that the “EndoSequence courses are complete and are stimulating to the novice and the experienced user.” Another evaluator commented that the “handpiece is user friendly. Ease of use is critical and it definitely handles nicely.”

Rechargeable Handpiece

The rechargeable handpiece in the EndoSequence System received somewhat mixed reviews. Sixty percent of the evaluators rated the handpiece excellent to very good, but some of the individual responses indicated some dissatisfaction with the charge time of the handpiece. One evaluator commented that he “was not particularly impressed with the charge time.” Another evaluator said, “We have to place new rechargeable batteries in order for it to consistently have good torque. I'm not sure if this is excessive as I do not have another rotary system to compare it to.” However, another evaluator said, “Nice handpiece…lightweight, holds a charge well.”

Overall Satisfaction

When asked about their overall satisfaction with the EndoSequence System, 5 evaluators rated the system as excellent and 5 rated it as very good. One evaluator summed up his evaluation by saying, “The design of the file is second to none and even to this day with all the variations in design, it is my ‘go to’ system.”

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Section A
  • 4.1
    Cutting efficiency of files

  • 4.1
    Flexibility of files (follows curved canal)

  • 4.3
    Proper length of files (21/25/and 31 mm)

  • 4.4
    Proper taper of files (.4 and .6)

  • 4.1
    Size selection of files (up to size 50 or 60)

  • 4.5
    Obturation method (single vs. lateral condensation)

  • 3.8
    Consistency and working time of seater

  • 4.1
    Rechargeable handpiece/torque/length of charge

  • 4.1
    Ease of making post room after fill

  • 4.7
    Ease of use

  • 4.2

  • 4.0

  • 3.9

  • 4.5
    Overall Satisfaction

Section A AVERAGE : 4.2

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B
Brasseler USA EndoSequence System
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