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EvaluatorsSuitable for anterior and posterior restorations, this state-of-the art composite combines simple handling with excellent blending and long-lasting brilliance

Like so many other practitioners, Arizona dentist Nathan Vassiliades was looking for a composite that was easy to use and would provide a better finish. After participating in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, he found that COLTENE’s BRILLIANT EverGlow universal composite exceeded his expectations. “It was a thicker composite, so it allowed for manipulation while still holding initial placement shape,” Dr. Vassiliades concluded. “It gave a great finish.”

Coltene BRILLIANT EverGlow is a state-of-the art universal submicron hybrid composite that offers the perfect mix of simple handling, mechanical strength, and long-lasting esthetics, according to COLTENE. Dr. Jeremy Lowell agreed, saying the composite had “beautiful color and luster” and “very nice color matching.”


Esthetics: Shade Matching, Adaptation, Luster

QuoteBRILLIANT EverGlow’s sophisticated filler composition produces an exceptionally smooth surface with a satin sheen immediately after placing the filling, simplifying polishing and enabling easy-to-create and highly esthetic restorations with exceptional gloss retention and long-term color stability, according to COLTENE.

“I was surprised how much I ended up liking this composite. It had great color matching, excellent shades available, and a great polish,” said Dr. Vassiliades. John Sullivan, DDS, was looking for different types of composite to improve efficiency and esthetics, and said Coltene BRILLIANT EverGlow composite was easy to use and match with tooth structure. Dr. Mike Glasmeier said it created a more esthetically pleasing final result, and Dr. Amir Noori liked the broad shade selection. Dr. Noori also praised “the high gloss that makes it a great anterior composite choice,” and Sheldon Seidman, DDS, reported that it looked great and polished well. Dr. Seidman said he was impressed with the translucency and was able to use it for anterior incisal edges.

Some evaluators commented on EverGlow’s optical blend-in properties, which allow each shade to cover 2 VITA shades at the same time and often eliminate the need for an additional enamel layer. “The chameleon optics are great,” remarked FAACD dentist Dr. Jack Ringer, and Dr. Sullivan said she liked the flexibility of color matching as A1/B1 together, A2/B2, etc. Another evaluator was impressed that there was no need to layer 2 shades to get a good occlusal shade. When asked about patient feedback, Dr. Dante Bazard told DPS about a patient who “was extremely pleased with the color match and luster,” and Dr. Glasmeier said his patients loved the finish on their restorations.


Handling and Sculptability

BRILLIANT EverGlow’s smooth consistency provides ideal handling without slumping, and excellent wettability enables optimal adhesion to bonded tooth surfaces rather than sticking to instruments, according to COLTENE. Pre-polymerized fillers lower volume shrinkage and improve sculpting properties without impairing polishability and gloss retention.

Dr. Sullivan said it had nice handling characteristics, and Dr. Craig Goldin described it as easy to manipulate. Praising the thickness of the product, Dr. Vassiliades noted that the EverGlow material allowed for scuptability in areas while maintaining original shape of placement. Citing ease of use and sculptability as his favorite features, Dr. Bazard told DPS, “This product is easily manipulated before curing and is hard after curing.”


Ease of Use and Time Savings

Among the evaluators who commented on ease of use and time saved was Dr. Goldin, who called the composite easy to use and place. Dr. Glasmeier found that Coltene BRILLIANT EverGlow composite cures very rapidly, and Dr. Noori told DPS, “It reduced the time that I need to spend on polishing the restoration.” While looking for an esthetic composite that is easy to handle, Dr. Jimmy Tran said BRILLIANT EverGlow composite comes in easy-to-use capsules. “I found myself using composite in an easier way than what I was used to,” said Dr. Vassiliades.


Overall Satisfaction

The BRILLIANT EverGlow’s filler surfaces are treated to ensure optimal compound strength within the resin matrix, and its high compressive strength makes it ideal for posterior restorations. Acknowledging that it was too early to accurately evaluate durability, Dr. Goldin said he used the composite for a fractured incisal edge with very good results.

Dr. Bazard said BRILLIANT EverGlow composite was critical to a successful outcome for a patient with a No. 8 and 9 traumatic fracture repair, and noted, “Other practitioners commented on the success of using this composite.” Dr. Seidman told DPS he was “able to use it in the anterior as well as posterior with good esthetics and strength,” and Dr. Jeremy Lowell concluded, “[It’s a] very nice composite and we loved the result.”


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