BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow Evaluation

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BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow Evaluation

A versatile hybrid composite that combines precise delivery, high stability, excellent flowability, and optimal esthetics


BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow from ColteneWhen it comes to inventory in your dental practice, it’s never too early to think about a bit of spring cleaning. But before you decide which composites to keep and which ones to toss, you might want to consider if the products on your shelves can truly reduce your inventory and simplify your material selection.


In the flowable composite category, Coltene’s BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow simplifies product inventory and selection while offering precise delivery, excellent flowability, high stability, and optimal esthetics. “I was looking for a versatile flowable resin that could be used in many applications,” noted Roger Urlaub, DDS, who was one of many dentists to test BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow for this DPS evaluation. “[This material has] multiple uses in dentistry that could reduce the number and types of resins one normally stocks. Plus, fewer shades [are required] as it covered many shades of teeth, especially the A2/B2 shade.”


Placement, Handling, & Stability

With optimal thixotropic characteristics and 2 tip sizes, BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow is easy to apply with precision and reliability. The fine tip allowed Dr. Steven Litwin to “precisely place the material without excess,” and Michael Long, DDS, said, “The composite is easy to place where I want it with no air bubbles.” Noting that it worked much better as a base/liner than his previous flowable composite, Jeffrey Greene, DDS, said, “It stayed in place, allowing for multiple layers to be added” when filling decay on the mesial of a lower incisor.


Using the finer tip, Dr. Urlaub found the material easy to place exactly where he wanted, whether using it for a cuspal incline or a core buildup. He liked the ability to “finesse the resin to the shape I wanted using just a dental explorer tip.” When asked to suggest improvements, Dr. Urlaub said the syringe could be wider and hold more material.


With low viscosity and excellent stability, the flowable is easy to handle and made “restoring Class Vs expressly easier,” said David Buchina, DMD. “The cohesiveness and viscosity are superb [and it has] exceptional handling attributes,” he added. Dr. Steven LeBeau said BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow is durable with great wetting properties, and Dr. Gregory Chipp said he experienced “no bubbles and easy adaptation.” Dr. Urlaub shared, “It had excellent marginal adaptation with low film thickness” when using the bonding agent with the flowable, and Raymond Wozny, DDS, remarked, “Its flowability is good for composite base. Slightly less slump would make it ideal.”


Michael Long, DDS

"It's easy to place
where I want it
with no air

David Buchina, MS, DMD, FAGD

"The cohesiveness
and viscosity are
supurb, and it
has exceptional

Roger Urlaub, DDS

"It has multiple
uses that could
reduce the num-
ber and types
of resins one
normally stocks."


Michael Long,
Auburn, WA
David Buchina,
Conneautville, PA
Roger Urlaub,
Raleigh, NC



Available in 8 shades across 3 translucency levels, BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow features built-in polishability and gloss and an innovative two-in-one Duo Shade system that provides consistent esthetic results. With Duo Shades, fewer overall shades are required, simplifying inventory and selection.


“The shades matched very well and polished nicely,” shared Dr. Greene, and Dr. Buchina said it “was nearly self-polishing; finishing was minimal in most cases.” Noting that it polished better than any previous flowable, Dr. LeBeau said, “The chameleon shading hides the DEJ line.” Dr. Litwin said BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow “is easy to work with and provides wonderful esthetics, especially its ability to mask discolored areas.” Explaining that “some flowables have become too translucent and, therefore, unesthetic when cured,” Dr. Urlaub stated, “This one blended well into the dentition,” and Dr. Wozny said it has the “perfect amount of translucence.”



“The choice of tips made BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow versatile for filling smaller hard-to-reach areas on roots and for use as a liner/base,” said Dr. Greene. Dr. Anthony Vocaturo used it for Class V restorations, as a liner for core buildups, and as a filler for voids, and Dr. LeBeau found it “best for Class V abfraction restorations and Class II floors, including the interproximal box.” After using it for standard cavity preparation, Dr. Chipp said, “Upon getting the patient back for observation, things looked as perfect as when placed.”


“It is very useful as a core material for in-office milled restorations to block out undercuts and amalgam internal dark stains,” said Dr. Urlaub. “I use it in place of multiple other products [as a] flowable buildup material, different medium flowable resin, and a regular nano-hybrid resin.”


Steven Litwin, DDS, Product Evaluator
"BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow is easy to work with and provides wonderful esthetics."
-Steven Litwin, DDS
Middle River, MD


Overall Satisfaction

All of the dentists who participated in this DPS evaluation recommend that other clinicians should give BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow a try. Describing it as “very simple and straightforward,” Dr. Chipp said, “I would not be hesitant in purchasing and using BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow,” and Dr. LeBeau concluded, “It’s great to evaluate an improved flowable when I didn’t think I could see an improvement.”



• Optimal thixotropic properties and 2 tip sizes make it easy to apply with precision and reliability

• Excellent stability and low viscosity

• Two-in-one Duo Shade system provides consistent esthetic results

• Built-in polishability, long-lasting gloss, and 8 shades across 3 translucency levels

• Fewer shades simplify inventory and selection

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.5
    Ease of dispensing & placement

  • 4.3
    Stability once placed (nonslumping or dripping)

  • 4.2
    Handling properties (nonsticky/ sculptable)

  • 4.4
    Adaptation to cavity/ wettability

  • 4.8
    Curing time

  • 4.5
    Esthetics- shade match & adaptation

  • 4.5
    Esthetics- final polish & luster

Section A AVERAGE : 4.5
Section B
  • 4.4
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.4

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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