Build-It FR Fiber-Reinforced Core Material combines the strength of glass fiber reinforcement with the flexibility of dual-curing.

When asked to rate Pentron’s Build-It FR Core Material, a Rhode Island dentist evaluator in practice for 20 years said, “This material satisfies all the criteria a dentist would demand of a build-up.”

Reinforced with chopped glass fibers, Build-It FR Core Material produces a strong foundation for indirect restorations. The material cuts like dentin, is dual-cured (light-cure or self-cure) for maximum flexibility, is radiopaque for easy detection of marginal areas on X-rays, and is available in 5 shades for optimal esthetic results.


Manufacturer Description: Build-It FR Core Material is formulated to flow without slumping. It can be used with any bonding agent that is compatible with dual- or self-cure resin materials, and its unique viscosity enables it to be used as an effective post cement. 

Evaluator Feedback: One evaluator, who called Build-It FR Core Material much better than other core materials and gave it an overall rating of excellent, said it was “a bit sticky.”  Seven other evaluators identified handling as the feature they liked most, with comments such as “a great material to work with…easy to handle…,” and, “It prepares well.” A Plano, TX, dentist who said he would definitely purchase Build-It FR Core Material and recommend it to colleagues called the handling characteristics “superior to those of other build-up materials I’ve used.”

Stackability and Cuttability 

Manufacturer Description: In addition to flowing without slumping, Build-It FR Core Material also stacks without slumping. It self-cures in minutes or light-cures in seconds, producing a rock-hard consistency while still cutting like dentin without ditching once it is cured.

Evaluator Feedback: One evaluator rated the material as excellent and said she would definitely purchase it and recommend it to colleagues. Another dentist, who also rated the material as excellent, said, “ It stacks well…the material doesn’t slump when placed.”

When asked about whether the material cuts like dentin, 7 dentists rated it as excellent and 4 rated it as very good. “It cuts like dentin,” said a Rhode Island dentist in practice for 20 years. “I absolutely love the way it cuts…the resulting material is the most like ‘real tooth’ that I have experienced,” noted a New Jersey dentist who gave Build-It FR Core Material an overall satisfaction rating of excellent.


Ease of Use (Delivery) 

Manufacturer Description: Build-It FR core material is available in 25-mL Auto-Mix Cartridges (for use with the manufacturer’s DS24 1:1/2:1) and 4-mL Mini-Mix Syringes, both of which are syringeable and stackable for ease of use. 

Evaluator Feedback: One of a few dentists who noted that the material was slightly difficult to squeeze out of the syringe or cartridge went on to say, “Being a little hard to squeeze out of the gun was the only thing I didn’t love. Once placed, it handled very well.”  A dentist who gave the material an overall rating of excellent “liked the flexibility of the syringe and the cartridge.” Another evaluator called it “easy to deliver.”

Overall Satisfaction 

 All 11 evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase Build-It FR Core Material and recommend it to their colleagues, with 9 dentists calling it much or somewhat better than similar core material. 

When asked about overall satisfaction with Build-It FR Core Material, 9 evaluators rated it as excellent and 2 rated it as very good. The evaluators added comments such as “easy to deliver, dual-cured, stacks well, and cuts like dentin” and “an excellent build-up material with all the important properties that dentists need when restoring teeth.” 

One dentist, with more than 35 years of experience in dentistry, called it the “best core material I have worked with.” “I believe I have found my new core material,” said a New Jersey dentist who has been in practice for 24 years. 

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