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Bulk EZ™ Bulk Fill Composite Evaluation

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Bulk EZ Evaluation

With single-layer application, dual-cure capabilities, unlimited depth of cure, and no microleakage, Bulk EZ saves time while producing durable restorations.


BulkEZ Like many dentists, Dr. Gregory Sikora was skeptical that a light-cured bulk fill material could cure completely to the full depth of a large restoration. To improve the odds of a successful restoration, a bulk fill composite should be placed in multiple layers with frequent light curing—a neces­sary but tedious process. “The layering and incre­mental placement of composite in large restorations can be cumbersome and time consuming and will not necessarily have long-term success,” said Dr. Maria Madonna.


Recognizing the downfalls of using light-cured bulk fill composites, Zest Dental Solutions developed its own solution with Bulk EZ, a dual-cured material with an unlimited depth of cure that Zest calls “a bulk fill composite in a class of its own.” Placed in one simple step without the need for multiple layers or incre­mental light curing, Bulk EZ’s proprietary self-cure IntelliTek Technology saves time, eliminates gap formation and stress from rapid curing, and discour­ages microleakage, according to Zest and several university studies.


Dr. Sikora said, “Bulk EZ’s dual-cure properties give you confidence that bulk fills are cured to the base of the preparation and behind opaque metal bands.” “Bulk EZ has given me a whole new appreciation for bulk products for everyday use,” shared Dr. Madon­na. She said she now bulk fills multisurface posterior restorations quickly and efficiently, and added, “Bulk EZ is useful for any dentist’s bag of tricks.”


Placement & Handling

Bulk EZ is indicated for core buildups, Class I and II direct restorations, and as a cavity liner. Available in 3 shades (A1, A2, and A3) and dispensed in 6-gram syringes with 17-gauge or 19-gauge mixing tips, the material flows easily into cavity preparations. Calling it “amazingly simple” to use, Dr. Madonna said she had no voids or bubbles when expressing the material, although sometimes the tip bent too easily. Dr. Marc Vance said the needle tube delivery system allows him to access small areas, especially Class II slot preps, and Nathan Vassiliades, DDS, noted, “The delivery system was exactly what I needed.”


Curtis Rindfleish, DDS, praised Bulk EZ’s user-friend­ly viscosity, ease of manipulation, and lack of air bub­bles during placement. “You place it where you’d like it to be, and it stays in place,” he explained. “It was viscous enough to flow and did not feel runny, but it stays where you put it,” agreed Dr. Madonna. “Bulk EZ was easy to handle and had no voids that I could see, which tend to be issues for bulk fill products,” shared Dr. Sikora. “It sets up nicely in a reasonable amount of time and does not require additional unwieldy applicators.” Dr. Michael Szymanski called it “a quick and easy nonslumping bulk fill resin that’s excellent for crown build-ups or a final restoration.”


Gregory Sikora, DMD, Product Evaluator

"No voids, good
thixotropic prop-
erties, confident
cures and good

Maria Madonna, DDS, Product Evaluator

"Bulk EZ allows
me to bulk fill
multisurface pos-
terior restorations
quickly and


Raymond Wozny, DDS, Product Evaluator

"Very convenient
and cuts well for
crown prepara-
tion. I'm confi-
dent in the bond."
Gregory Sikora,
Polacca, AZ
Maria Madonna,
Chester, NJ
Raymond Wozny,
Wading River, NY


Dual-Curing Properties & Time Savings

Bulk EZ’s dual-curing capabilities include a 90-sec­ond self cure with an optional light cure acceleration to completely cure the restoration to the base of the preparation. Zest’s patent-pending self-cure Intel­liTek Technology controls and directs shrinkage to the base of the prep, eliminating microleakage and offering unlimited depth of cure. Placed in one simple step, Bulk EZ saves chair time compared to traditional light-curing composites, accord­ing to Zest.


While several dentists suggested that the material took too long to cure and recommended a faster curing time, Zest says the overall procedure time is reduced because of Bulk EZ’s ease of use and single-step placement with no intermittent layering and light curing. “Layering deep cavities is time consuming, and Bulk EZ reduced the steps when restoring deep preparations,” remarked Dr. Jimmy Tran. “Waiting 90 seconds for the material to set is a tradeoff in speed as opposed to light curing right away after placement,” shared Dr. Vance. However, he added, “Current re­search suggests that letting the dual-cure component work first may lend itself to a better bond.” Dr. Benjamin Johnson said, “The dual cure gives me peace of mind in areas where a curing light can’t reach,” and Dr. Sikora noted, “It prevents costly errors due to incomplete cures.”


Final Restoration

Dr. Madonna revealed that she was able to polish restorations quickly and smoothly, and Dr. Sikora said Bulk EZ trims and finishes nicely. “The material did not adhere to the matrix, which prevented displacement and marginal ridge defects,” he added. When prepping for a crown, Dr. Rindfleish said, “Bulk EZ felt nice and solid, and I didn’t worry about soft spots or voids.” He was impressed with the hardness of the material, which cut like a natural tooth and increased his confidence when drilling the material. “The bulk fill is very convenient and cuts well for crown preparation. I’m confident in the bond,” expressed Raymond Wozny, DDS.


"A quick and easy nonslumping bulk fill resin that's excellent for crown build-ups or a final restoration."
-Michael Szymanski, DDS
Menomonee Falls, WI


Overall Satisfaction

All of the evaluators said they would recommend Bulk EZ to colleagues, and Dr. Sikora said he would not hesitate to purchase or recommend it. “This product is easy to handle, cures quickly, and looks great. No voids, good thixotropic proper­ties, confident cures, and good esthetics,” he stated. Dr. Rindfleish concluded, “If I find a superior product, why not let my fellow colleagues know about it?”



• A dual-cure, bulk fill flowable composite that’s easy to place in one simple step with no layering
• Auto-mixing tips allow for precise placement
• Self-cure IntelliTek Technology eliminates gap formation and stress from rapid curing, discouraging microleakage
• Unlimited depth of cure when allowed to self cure

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Section A
  • 4.3
    Ease of placement and simplicity of procedure

  • 4.5
    Ease of handling

  • 4.7
    Cavity adaptation

  • 4.3
    Finishing and polishing properties

  • 3.8
    Time savings due to single-step process

  • 4.5
    Dual-cure polymerization process

Section A AVERAGE : 4.4
Section B
  • 4.2
    Overall Satisfaction

Section B AVERAGE : 4.2

Final Score :
Average of
Section A and B




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