DENTSPLY Professional Cavitron THINsert

Ultrasonic Scaler Insert

The ultra-thin THINsert combines the ease of ultrasonic scaling with the access of hand scaling.

At approximately half the diameter of the FSI Slimline, DENTSPLY’s new Cavitron THINsert is designed to facilitate debridement in difficult-to-reach areas, such as interproximal surfaces, concavities, and areas with tight tissue attachment—all without sacrificing tactile sensation. THINsert is designed to work with any 30k Cavitron ultrasonic scaler.

In this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of the THINsert, 13 hygienists who are current Cavitron users rated such features as size, ease of access to hard-to-reach areas, and debridement ability.

Access and Dimensions

Access to hard-to-reach areas was rated as excellent by 10 evaluators and as very good by 3. One evaluator said the angle of the tip “made it easy to access difficult areas” and another “could access almost everything due to its size and length.”

The THINsert’s size was rated as excellent by 8 evaluators, as very good by 4, and as good by 1. One evaluator called it “fantastic…not bulky” and another said, “The size is the best on the market.” The hygienist who initially thought the size would impede debridement “was pleased that the scaler could be used at any power setting. It really worked well.”

When asked about shape and length, rated as excellent by 6 evaluators and as very good by 7, 1 evaluator “liked the shank conformation to the linguals on the maxillary anteriors” and another called it “great for those difficult-to-reach areas!” One hygienist said the length “allows access to deeper pockets” while another “thought the tip was a little too long, making it hard to access lower anterior linguals.” The hygienist who suggested “a slightly longer tip for reaching even deeper pockets” also said, “Small areas of subgingival calculus are more easily detected due to better access to the periodontal pocket.”


Debridement ability with the THINsert was rated as excellent by 2 evaluators, as very good by 6, as good by 2, as fair by 2, and as poor by 1. Comments ranged from “extremely effective for plaque and calculus” and “effective on all but the most tenacious calculus” to “works very well for plaque but not as well for calculus.” One evaluator “had to repeat overlapping strokes more often due to the thinness (which I love).” The hygienist who “seemed to have difficulty removing stains” said, “Maybe I needed to turn it up more, but I’ve never turned my inserts up that high.” One evaluator said it “lacked some power in the deeper pockets when the calculus was super tenacious” and another said it “wasn’t powerful enough. Even when I turned it up it didn’t remove calculus efficiently.”

Ease of Use

Ease of use of the THINsert was rated as excellent by 10 evaluators and as very good by 3. Comments included “very easy...same as Slimline,” “comfortable, slim, fits well,” and “works very well on tight lower anterior teeth and around braces.” The hygienist who “really liked the adaptability to the distal of the maxillary 2nd molars” said the grip area was “set ergonomically for me.”

When asked about tactile sensation, rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good to good by 6, 1 evaluator called it “outstanding,” another described it as “very explorer-like,” and a third called it, “the best one ever…its size increases tactile sensation.” One hygienist called this her “favorite part! I loved being able to feel the subgingival calculus with my insert.”

Overall Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction with the THINsert was rated as excellent by 6 evaluators, as very good by 4, as good by 1, and as poor by 2. Eleven evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase it and recommend it to colleagues and 10 called it much better than similar attachments. When asked about the size of the THINsert, one hygienist said “the narrow size of this insert makes it a valuable tool for treating periodontal disease.” Another evaluator said it “allowed superior access to deep, narrow pockets that couldn’t be accessed with other inserts.” A third evaluator said, “All of the hygienists in the practice have tried the THINsert and we love it. We will be purchasing more of them in the near future.”

Evaluation Snapshot

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