evaluatorsA universal adhesive resin cement for the esthetic and permanent cementation of nearly all indirect restorative materials

Proper cementation is crucial for successful restorations and a profitable dental practice. That’s certainly the case for Dr. Pearl Zadeh, who estimated that bonded dentistry is 99% of her practice. Dr. Zadeh’s idea of the ideal cement is one that is user-friendly and easy to use, with a reproducible tack-cure time and easy atraumatic cleanup. For posterior cases in particular, Dr. Zadeh shares, “You want something reproducible and predictable…as I say, ‘dummy proof.’”

Zest Dental Solutions believes it has developed the ideal cement with Cem EZ, an adhesive resin cement introduced in 2017. After testing Cem EZ for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation, Dr. Zadeh discovered that it exceeded her expectations—it was easy to dispense, atraumatic to clean up, and created what she described as a beautiful seal on postop x-rays. Let’s hear what other dentists had to say after evaluating this DPS Best Product.


Ease of Use and Versatility

Available in syringes with automix tips, Cem EZ provides excellent adhesion to enamel, dentin, ceramics, and metals and, according to Zest, is the ideal viscosity for placement of crowns, inlays, onlays, and posts. Dr. Martin Man said Cem EZ’s “good delivery system” did not extrude excessive cement subgingivally, which resulted in successful restorations, and Dr. Roger Zenn said Cem EZ was easy to work with. Calling it a great product that’s easy to use and to clean, Dr. Beena Lad said, “I would definitely recommend [Cem EZ] to fellow colleagues.” When asked about potential improvements, Dr. R.J. Sondkar would like to see a larger dispenser, and Dr. Man suggested a clicker-style dispensing system.

Designed for cementation of nearly all indirect restorative materials, Zest describes Cem EZ as “one cement to rule them all.” While looking for a universal adhesive system, Dr. Man discovered that Cem EZ’s versatility was very convenient, and concluded, “This cement performs well for all post systems, all lithium disilicate prosthetics, and all zirconia prosthetics.” In fact, when asked what he liked best about the product, Dr. Man replied, “[I liked its] adaptability to all clinical situations.” Dr. Mitchell Pasenkoff was also amazed that Cem EZ could work with all different materials and decided, “Cem EZ has all of what you need for cementation.” Commenting that the instructions are clear and concise for the different applications, Dr. Dana Blalock said she had great success cementing e.max and zirconia crowns with Cem EZ.


Ease of Cleanup and Esthetics

quoteWith a simple tack cure, cleaning up excess cement is quick and effortless, according to Zest. “This cement cleaned with ease,” noted Dr. Zadeh, who found that the “good and reproducible [tack] cure time allowed ease of cement removal in hard-to-reach areas.” Dr. Blalock liked the ease of removal and explained, “It does not get as hard when doing a quick cure of the excess, [and] removes easily in the interproximal areas.”

Available in 3 shades—Translucent, Warm, and White Opaque—Cem EZ provides outstanding color stability over time with Zest’s innovative, patent-pending IntelliTek Technology. Calling it great for anterior crowns, Dr. Lad explained, “The color has not changed and it seems to be blending in well with the prep.” Dr. Man shared, “The 3 color choices fulfill all the clinical variations of shade selection.”

While Dr. Zadeh would like to see a little more shade stability, Dr. Pasenkoff called the color “spot on.” Dr. Sondkar said the color match was perfect and added, “The translucency of the cement is a big plus for anterior esthetics. Patients were very satisfi ed with the color/shade esthetics of the cemented crowns.”


Postop Sensitivity

Zest states that Cem EZ universal adhesive provides excellent protection against microleakage and, thus, postoperative sensitivity is minimal. Dr. Sondkar said he had no sensitivity issues postcementation and noted that his favorite features were the good cement strength and the absence of postcementation pain. When Dr. Zadeh followed up with her patients postop, they reported zero to minimal postop pain.

Dr. Pasenkoff said microleakage would have to be evaluated over time, and Dr. Blalock agreed that she needed more time to evaluate long-term esthetics and postop sensitivity. However, Dr. Blalock concluded, “So far, so good.”


Overall Satisfaction

Dr. Man described ease of use and predictable cementation as critical to the success of implant prosthetics, and Cem EZ universal adhesive seems to have proved itself as an easy-to-use, predictable, and versatile cementation option. “It’s a cement system that has all the conveniences,” Dr. Pasenkoff noted, and Dr. Sondkar agreed it met all his positive criteria for a luting cement. Dr. Sondkar summed up his experience with this Best Product by saying, “My team confidence has been notched up with the Zest Cem EZ, as it has delivered consistently from the ease of dispensing, working time, excess cement removal, and final esthetics.”


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